Legendary 74-Year-Old whisky from the Glenlivet Distillery

Whiskey bottle

Gordon & MacPhail has added another jewel to their Private Collection range – a remarkable single malt, lauded as ‘extraordinary’ by celebrated whisky critic, Dave Broom. The Gordon & MacPhail 1949 from the Glenlivet Distillery is an embodiment of whisky craftsmanship, aged over seven decades and imbued with an unparalleled depth of character.

This exceptional spirit, distilled on New Year’s Day 1949 and bottled nearly 74 years later on 6 March 2023, is a testament to the patience and skill that defines Gordon & MacPhail’s approach to whiskymaking. With only 192 bottles available for purchase at a recommended retail price of £35,000, this whisky is as rare as it is exquisite. It boasts a cask strength of 49.3%, retained from its ageing in a refill Sherry butt.

Delving into its character, the whisky reveals layers of complexity, presenting sweet, stewed fruit aromas harmoniously intertwined with fragrant cinnamon, aged leather, fresh clementines and a hint of beeswax polish. These notes transition onto the palate as a medley of autumn spices and fruitcake, balanced by titillating undertones of cracked pepper, garden mint, dark treacle, and charred oak.

Dave Broom, renowned whisky writer, couldn’t hide his admiration: “To find a whisky of this age is absolutely extraordinary,” he said. “The concentration of fruits, the layers and the complexity are off the scale. It’s an extraordinary whisky.”

Ewen Mackintosh, Managing Director at Gordon & MacPhail, commented: “Gordon & MacPhail 1949 from Glenlivet Distillery is extremely scarce – our very last cask of Glenlivet from 1949, making it a must for whisky enthusiasts looking to savour a remarkable greatly aged single malt exuding layers of character and decades of maturation expertise.”

This awe-inspiring release will initially be available at Dubai International Airport, courtesy of a partnership with Le Clos, launching on Friday, 1 September. Post this exclusivity period, the whisky will be available worldwide from 19th September.

Established in 1895, Gordon & MacPhail has an unparalleled history of bottling spirits from over 100 Scottish distilleries, gaining unique insights into the art of maturing single malts over many decades in their own casks.

For more information, visit Gordon & MacPhail’s website.


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