Keeping your new car in the best condition you can

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So you’ve bought yourself a new vehicle and you want to keep that new car or truck look and feel for as long as possible. That’s only natural. Even if you haven’t bought a brand new, a new to you car is still something you want to preserve to make sure it serves you well for as long as you own it.

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But what are the best ways of keeping your new car or truck in its best condition? There are some simple things you can do regularly to help minimise damage and keep the engine, interior and exterior in their best condition.

Regular servicing

Whilst this isn’t a legal requirement, making sure you get your car serviced regularly can help you keep it in its best condition. The inner workings of a car can be complicated and whilst it can be tempting to turn the radio up and ignore any new and scary noises emitting from the engine or other parts, it is best to get them checked out as soon as possible.

Get your interior accessories refitted after a year or so of use. Car seat covers, dash mats, and floor mats can gather dust, dirt, stains, and germs that you can’t remove with cleaning. Regular use and cleaning also cause wear and tear over time. Replacing your interior as needed will keep your car looking and smelling fresh and new, making it more comfortable to drive.

Prices for servicing can vary from state and regardless of what dealerships may tell you, using a local mechanic or a mobile car mechanic to carry out the service doesn’t always void any warranty you may have as long as your mechanic is fully qualified and licensed to do the work you need carrying out. 

Keep an eye on other repairs such as fixing chips and cracks in the windscreen air conditioning servicing and windscreen wipers to prevent further damage and keep issues to a minimum.

Body work

There is no mistaking that new shiny car look. The last thing you want to do is to scratch any of it. Waxing your car is the best way of making sure you remove and prevent any small scratches to the paintwork. Creating a barrier is the best way to minimise damage to the exterior of your car and keep it looking at its best. Be careful, however, as the wrong washing techniques can cause more damage to the paintwork than anticipated.

If you want to protect your new ute from any damage from whatever you load into it, then you should look at the benefits of spray-on ute liners for a longer-lasting finish that protects your pickup from damage and can be customised to your vehicle.


Keeping the inside of your car in tip-top condition is essential for reducing damage to seats, flooring and any interior fixtures. Consider getting seat covers to protect from spills, stains and any accidental rips and tears to the fabric. Floor mats can also protect the footwells from general wear and tear due to people getting in and out of the car. Use air freshener regularly to remove lingering odours and don’t forget to clean out rubbish, especially food wrappers as soon as possible too.

Cleaning the dash, steering wheel along with seats and other fabric areas will make sure your car retains its best appearance which will get you a good price should you choose to resell in the future.