3 things to consider before buying your next set of headphones

Headphone sales are steadily increasing in Australia thanks to the flow-on effect created by the skyrocketing popularity of music streaming.  While buying new headphones may seem like a trivial errand for many, audiophiles have successfully transformed the headphone movement from a mere hobby to a culture. 

The days of simply grabbing the nearest headphones off a shelf when you want to listen to music are long gone and careful consideration now goes into every purchase.  There are a lot of things to reflect on before you can confidently part with any money. While some of these things are obvious, others are somewhat more obscure. Thankfully a few basic tips will make it a lot easier to find the perfect headphones without having to rely on a strategy of trial and error.

Don’t disregard ergonomics and design

Headphones come in so many shapes and sizes that it can be somewhat overwhelming to choose the pair that is right for you. While a conventional headset with soft earmuffs may appeal to some, others may be more drawn to the sleek, unobtrusive design of in-ear headsets.  One of the most pertinent choices you will be faced with is the one pertaining to wired vs. wireless headphones. While wired headphones do not have a power constraint, their wireless counterparts are compatible with a larger variety of devices. Before buying headphones you will also have to decide whether you are looking to make a practical purchase or one that is style-driven. Once you have decided this and taken all the other relevant factors into considerations you will be able to comfortably pick the headphones that will meet your needs the best.

Sound quality is of the utmost importance

Sound quality is, for obvious reasons, one of the most crucial considerations when buying new headphones.  Headphone sound is typically judged on 3 parameters namely sensitivity, driver size, and resistance.  While sensitivity refers to how loud your headphones can possibly get, your driver size determines the amount of bass the headphones can produce. The resistance of headphones controls the volume range making it imperative to choose a set with a good ohm rating. Sony, Apple, and Bose headphones are all known for their superb sound quality and will definitely not disappoint in the design department. Just keep in mind that wired headphones tend to boast better sound quality than wireless models and that those that fit over your ear provide better overall noise isolation.

Your lifestyle definitely plays a role

Your lifestyle will definitely play a role in the headphones you ultimately settle on. If you are particularly active, you will need headphones that will not be damaged by dampness and sweat. In-ear headphones will definitely be a better choice than overhead headphones with large leather earmuffs while wireless earbuds are perfect for individuals who seek great sound with minimal hindrance while moving. If you adhere to a more sedentary lifestyle and are looking for an immersive experience you may want to consider investing in a set of overhead headphones with active noise cancellation.

Regardless of your specific requirements, there are countless superb headphones on the market to choose from. As long as you conduct some basic research and don’t buy the first set you lay your eyes on you are bound to find a set of headphones that will tick all the right boxes in terms of comfort, design, and audio quality. 

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