Keep Mardi Gras going: A new type of anal play with Aneros

Man abs

The glitter has settled – even though the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras didn’t endorse its use this year – guests have gone home and international visitors have boarded their planes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the party stops.

And much like the Sydney Mardi Gras, which is one of the most socially accepting and creative events in the world on any calendar year that isn’t just for gay men and women, neither is what they practise outside of the public’s eye.

Aneros knows this all too well. They’re one of the favourite producers and brand keepers of anal pleasure for men and women, to be honest, producing some of the finest tools on the market to get all kinds of jobs done.


They’re the leaders in the world of men’s prostate massagers and have just launched a new one for their bands of customers, the Helix Syn Trident, which they say is the most advanced product of its kind on the market.

It’s the second iteration of the first Helix Syn massager, which was all about ergonomics and health, as it provided relief from prostate complications and preventative measures for erectile dysfunction (ED).

It was made with a lot of qualities, like a specially balanced body that provided a greater range of motion, increased responsiveness, and more focused internal stimulation.

The latest version though, produces a spring-like action with a unique “cradling” sensation, for more external stimulation, with greater stability.

This new arm configuration is more form-fitting, making the Helix Syn Trident comfortable for sitting, standing and walking, if that’s your thing, making it the ultimate Aneros tool for all day pleasure. And of course, it’s for use alone or with a partner.

See more about the new stimulator at Aneros’ website.