Iconic ice coffee brand expands into lactose-free arena

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We all know someone who is lactose intolerant but refuses to take it seriously. Well they don’t have to suffer any longer because your favourite iced coffee brand, Ice Break, have just dropped a new lactose-free variety!

Teaming up with the best selling lactose-free milk in Australia, Zymil, Ice Break has added an easy-to-digest lactose-free iced coffee to their line up. Alreading blowing up socials (much like the way dairy does to some people’s guts), the announcement is being celebrated as another win for a growing food market that’s catering more and more to different diets. 

With two shots of coffee and 48% less fat than regular full cream milk, it’s a nice pick me up for those with a busy schedule. 

The new lactose-free variety is available now at Coles, Woolworths, independent grocery stores and of course the main places we all buy iced coffee, petrol stations and corner stores. Happy comfortable drinking lactose intolerant friends!