Fruity Beer has arrived just in time for summer

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As the warm summer season descends (don’t even talk to us La Niña you’re not welcome here) it’s time to get the fridge stocked with your favourite beverages, and Dan Murphy’s has added a new contender to the mix for summer: Fruity Beer.

What is Fruity Beer exactly? Well, it is beer, but not as you know it. In fact, even if you’re a beer hater you should be giving these varieties a try as the brews are less bitter than regular beer and fruitier tasting than seltzers. Fruity Beer is for everyone wanting something new and score bragging rights about being the first to discover a new category. “Customers today are increasingly looking for more discovery,” Endeavour Group Head of Beer, Jarrod Holt says “40 percent of the products that we retail in our BWS and Dan Murphy’s stores today did not exist 8 years ago – which is why we are committed to continuing to meet the changing needs of customers by providing them with trend leadership and innovative new drinks.” 

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While ‘fruit beers’ have been a mainstay of European brewing for centuries, this new age Fruity Beer is different. Just like regular beer, Fruity Beer’s main ingredients are malted barley, hops, yeast, and water, however modern technology and cutting-edge innovation has helped create a new beer with ultra-low bitterness and a sweet, dominant fruit flavour that’s much stronger on the palate than anything you’d taste in a craft beer. Fruity Beer tastes and smells so much like real fruit, drinkers can identify the fruit flavours straight away. 

Dan Murphy’s has dropped three new brands and plenty of flavours to suit everyone:


Light, zesty, and flavourful Mosey Fruity Beer comes in a trio of fruit flavours – Blueberry, Passionfruit, and Lime.


Sungazer Fruity Beers are the brightest beers in the fridge, brimming with fruity flavours. Available in Mango flavour, Raspberry flavour, and Watermelon flavour.


Empire Fruity Beers combine two incredible flavour combos – Orange and Mango, and Strawberry and Lime flavour. Low in sugar, Empire’s two delicious flavour combos are perfectly balanced.

Explore the Fruity Beer range here, or head into your nearest Dan Murphy’s where they’re offering free tastings of the whole Fruity Beer range.