How to truly stress-bust by taking relaxing seriously


You likely know how to work. You know how to keep up with your duties, how to pay your bills, how to communicate with your partner, how to discipline your children in a healthy and fair manner to set boundaries, how to pay your taxes, how much is left in your mortgage balance, how to defend your property, how to maintain your vehicle for the most part, and how to apologize when you’re in the wrong.

But do you know how to relax? You might shrug this off and not think this needs any practice at all – but it really does. Stress is one of the biggest contributors to mental illness and is the cause of many cardiovascular problems each year. We all know how to work. But do we know how to sit down and relax, letting the stress leave us in a much-needed manner? Or are we all just pretending to relax during our free time, despite never giving ourselves the freedom to do so? You might say that learning to relax should be a solemn duty of yours. It can often help you take a load off and become the best version of yourself.

With the following advice, we’ll help you get there.

Find Some Time

This can be the hardest but the most necessary point. You likely have a habit of filling your free time with productivity. That’s hardly the worst habit to have. But if you’re always moving at pace, how can you hope to relax? It might be that instead of heading out to that social event tonight, you simply sit in and start to read that great book you’ve heard so much about. Perhaps booking off a day of holiday before your three day weekend can give you some time to really relax, and take a bath with a super over-the-top bath bomb and candles. Finding some time for yourself can often help you relax in the present moment, without a thousand things floating around your mind. Meditation can also work wonders in this space.

Are You Comfortable?

Are you comfortable when you lay in bed, or sit on your sofa? If not, it might be that reupholstering is important. Perhaps you’re tired of sitting on your deck chair in your garden, and are much more interested in resort style bean bags while you sit and tan and read that aforementioned book. A little comfort goes a long way, whether that’s indulging in a spa day or simply being a little more realistic about sitting down and getting off your feet.

Follow A Meditative Hobby

There are many small meditative hobbies out there that can help you relax while also engaging yourself. They can be quite great at pushing you into the present moment, gently. Hobbies such as painting, simple drawing of a landscape, fishing, or walking in the park listening to the birds is all you need. It needn’t be complicated. You’ll truly notice the difference once you start doing this.

With these tips, we hope you can stress bust by taking relaxing seriously. You deserve it, after all.