How to tell when there’s something wrong with the gas

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It’s not a bad thing to have a go at some DIY work when it comes to fixing a dripping tap or a blocked toilet, but it’s time to find top-notch gas plumbing services in Brisbane if and when you think that there’s something wrong with the gas. But how will you know that something is wrong with the gas plumbing?

If you spot any of the following problems with your gas lines, then you know that it’s time to call the gas plumber to come take a look.

1. You have a new water heater or boiler to install

OK, this first tip is not exactly an indication of a problem with your household gas, but it’s still an important reason to call gas plumbing services. It’s required by law that a licensed and properly trained plumber and only one such tradesman be responsible for the installation of a new boiler or water heater. Therefore, if you have a new water heater or boiler in need of installation, then it’s time to pick up the phone.

2. Your boiler has yellow/brown stains and/or pilot light frequently going out

These two signs are some of the most common signs connected with carbon monoxide leaks, which can be potentially deadly. It’s not a flammable gas like that in your household gas pipes, but if left to leak it can create toxic air that can kill you even as you sleep at night. Many people suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning don’t even know it’s happening.

Yellow or brown stains around the boiler are one sign of this problem, as is the issue of your pilot light frequently going out. If you detect either of these things, then you have some serious gas plumbing issues that need fixing.

3. Gas pipes are showing rust

Your gas pipes are metal, which is important because they have to be durable enough to withstand all kinds of impacts and conditions. They are not, however, invincible. One thing that they are susceptible to is rust. If the pipes are in a spot where they can accumulate moisture on them, then rust is likely to occur and rust is bad news for any kind of metal. It weakens the integrity of the pipes, and therefore must be seen and addressed immediately.

4. The gas pipes are dented or cracked

Cracks are more serious than dents, but dents (like rust) represent a structural weakness that can easily evolve into cracking and other problems. Pipes might get dented because of accidental impacts during kitchen renovations, for example, or when large clunky objects are being moved around the kitchen such as a new fridge or other appliances.

Any signs of physical damage should be met with a call to the gas plumber to come and take a look, and hopefully replace them with structurally sound new pipes.

5. You hear hissing or smell gas

If you can hear a hissing sound in your kitchen or anywhere else there is gas plumbing, that’s a pretty likely sign of either a gas leak, or a gas tap that has been left on. It could be a ring on the cooker top, for instance. If the hiss is very loud, it’s most likely an appliance left on, but if the hiss is very slight, it could be a leak from a crack in the gas piping.

If you can already smell the gas — a smell like rotten eggs — then the situation has become more serious. In such an event, you walk into the house and immediately smell gas, don’t turn on any electricity, and immediately evacuate yourself and your family to a safe distance before calling the plumber to come and take a look.