Fancy Plants Launch Vegan month challenge

Fancy Plants

This month is Vegan Cuisine Month and plant-based snack brand Fancy Plants has invented the most delicious way to celebrate plant-based goodies in their ‘Test Your Tastebud challenge.

This cheeky and seriously delicious challenge is all about testing to see if people can actually taste the difference between dairy vs vegan. There’s a cash prize of $1,000 and a year’s supply of plant-based snacks and desserts up for grabs, so you better get around this quick!

All you need to do to be in the run to win is to grab a Fancy Plants plant-based choc pudding, called the Silky Pot, from Coles or Woolies and a dairy chocolate pudding, blindfold a friend and see if they can taste any difference (spoiler alert, they won’t). Once done, you just need to upload an Instagram story or a post using the Test Tour Tastebud filter, which is this super glam green ‘plant moustache’, and tag Fancy Plants. Once you upload the selfie and tag Fancy Plants you automatically end up in the run to win.

You can find the filter on the Fancy Plants Insta and you might have seen it around your feed lately because some big celebs have already joined in (read Love Island and Olympic stars..!).

Vegan Cuisine Month is all about taking small steps to introduce more plant-based food into your diet and Fancy Plants’ Silky Pots are a great way to start because these smooth and rich chocolate puddings are seriously delicious. What’s even better is that you can munch into these choc treaties with minimal regrets because they come packed with added nutrients like prebiotic fibres so they are actually good for you. That is a pretty good deal if you ask us!

Their other snack, vanilla and chocolate chia puddings and a vanilla rice pudding are just as tasty and nutritional, and you can find them all at Woolies and Coles.