How to make money while you’re travelling (and return with cash in your pocket)

Couple travel travelling

If you really enjoy travelling and you like to make money, finding ways to generate an income while you travel might seem like the ideal combination.

While this may seem like a pipe dream, the truth is there are plenty of ways for you to earn an income while travelling the world.

With new technologies opening up the world, there are now many ways to go about making money on the road.

If you’d like to make money when you’re travelling (and come home with money in your pocket) here’s what you need to know.

Get organised

If you are planning to make some cash off your next trip, it really helps when you are organised before you leave home. When travelling with a set plan in mind, this will increase your potential to earn, so start by mapping out a travel schedule.

From here, read through a few of the ideas in this article on how to earn money and to set a “plan of action” into place.

Pack your gear and anything else you may need

Depending on what plan you have in mind to generate money, you may need to buy gear that is associated with this role.

This might include investing in a new lens for a camera in order to take professional photos or purchasing a couple of battery packs for either your computer or your phone.

Once you are organised and you have done the necessary research on how to make money while you travel, you can now prepare what you need so that you are ready when you walk out the door.

Sell your photos

If you are already blessed with the skills on how to take great photographs and take the best tech accessories for your trip, there are several apps which make it an easy task to target and upload your photographs that you can sell directly. This is one of the ways to earn a decent amount of cash.

For example, Foap is one of the free apps which allows users to upload videos and photos.

Agencies and brands search through this database looking for the appropriate images that they can use in their marketing and advertising campaigns. This app divides the commission 50/50, which means for every photo that is picked you can make $5 for each one. You are also able to join Foap missions, where brands will request the type of photos they are looking for. This option starts at $50 for each winning image.

Stock Photo websites like Adobe Stock and Shutterstock also provide photo-selling capabilities.

Rent your home out on AirBnB

Depending on where your home is situated, you could generate a decent income if you decide to rent your house out while you are away. Airbnb allows you to share the space and images for free on their site.

This option also allows you to select your own guest requirements, pricing, and schedule. For your safety, this website allows you to request for a government ID before booking, to read up on reviews from previous trips, and they even offer free liability insurance and property damage up to $1 million. From here, Airbnb only charges 3% of the reservation cost, and what’s leftover will be your profit.

Offering a creative approach to investing, the short-term finance team at Maxiron explain “with the ease of access of funding in 2019, you can access capital to upgrade your home. For a relatively small cost upfront your returns via Airbnb can offset your cost. With instant cash flow solutions your money can go towards upgrading your home which won’t just result in more interest from other people, but you get to keep all the changes when you come home from your trip too.”

Monetise your blogs

Blogs might not be anything new, yet they are still one of the best legitimate methods to generate a small profit if you are smart.

According to cake making expert, Pearl’s Creations, using your creative skills can help you monetise a blog. She explains, “people are drawn to powerful images, stories and videos. So if you’ve built a loyal following as a result of your art, you can leverage this audience to make money. On your next trip, you might want to create a blog about gear that you will be using on a hiking adventure, think about looking into one of Amazon’s affiliate programs. This option provides a way to generate a profit on the products that visitors click on when visiting your website to buy.”

Other affiliate marketing methods (that allows for a way to earn commission on other products that are purchased directly from your site) are made available through the plug-ins such as Thirsty Affiliates. AdRotate Banner Manager is another plug-in that allows for a way to manage and place advertising banners across your site which can also bring in a bit of revenue.

Rent out your car

If you are leaving your car at home for your next trip, renting your vehicle out is an easy way to bring in a bit of cash while you are out adventuring. Turo, which is a marketplace for car sharing, covers as much as $1 million for liability insurance, while your car will also be contractually protected when it comes to physical damages and theft.

This website will set the price of your car automatically according to several different factors. You will earn between 65% and 85% of the trip price, which will depend on what package you have chosen.

Do a bit of driving

If you are driving in your own car on your next trip, you might be interested in signing up with one of the ride-sharing companies such as Lyft or Uber where you can provide your services over a few hours or even a few days in order to assist with your own travel costs.

This will also depend on where you will be travelling, as each company has its own set of requirements. For instance, with Uber, you will need in-state auto insurance, and your name must appear on this policy, as well as an in-state driver’s license so that you drive in different states. Make sure that you have read over all the details before you sign up.

Choose a seasonal job

If you plan to travel over a few weeks or more, you might want to think about choosing one of the seasonal gigs for the area that you plan to visit.

Sites like Job Monkey have lists of specific destination and beach resort jobs. Another site to use includes CoolWorks that post their job openings by season, state, and by category.