How to get your salon business ready before opening

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If you’re starting a new salon business in your local area, you’ll probably know how stressful it’s going to be. Sometimes, you might need a bit of help or advice so you know that you’ve got everything covered. There are so many things to think about, and hopefully this checklist has got you covered. Let’s have a look at a few things you might have missed when looking to open your business soon.

Make sure your website is ready to go

You might have been able to get by without a website in the past, but you can’t really anymore. It’s often one of the first things people look for when they hear about your business for the first time. While having some sort of web presence is crucial, having a GREAT one is even more important. If you have to spend a bit to get the best possible website, then do so.

Not only does not having a web presence say something negative about your business, you might lose lots of potential customers. If you’ve got an engaging, professional and well-managed website, you could see your sales grow. Make sure you update your website regularly.

Make sure people know about you in your local area

You shouldn’t just open your doors and expect people to come flooding through. You need to be active in championing your business and make sure everyone knows about it in your local area. Don’t be shy — hand out flyers door to door, stand in busy areas with signs, and attend local events and fundraisers. Simply explore every avenue you can think of when trying to get word of your business out there. Tell everyone you know, and tell them to tell everyone they know. Make sure nobody in your area is in any doubt about where you are and what you do.

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Sort out any software you need to run your business

If you need a booking software, you might need to make sure you’ve got everything up and running well in advance. Make sure your staff know what they’re doing and do a few trial runs just to check for any errors. Don’t leave this to the last minute and try and wing it. Think about making your online booking simplified with Simple Salon.

Make sure you’re on social media

Just like having a website, you need to be on social media, too. It’s actually a hugely powerful marketing tool and one you shouldn’t ignore. Make sure everyone knows about your social media accounts. Offer your followers value — like a personal insight into your business or exclusive discounts — and you could see your business grow.

Make sure your staff are fully trained

Don’t simply open up your doors and expect everything to go smoothly. Make sure your staff are friendly and know exactly what they’re doing. Think about running a trial day where you go through all the motions with your staff so they know what they’re doing when real customers start arriving.

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