How customisable are hair extensions?

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Clip-in hair extensions allow you to transform your look, in an instant. They can add volume and length to your hair and get you ready for a night out without much effort. More than just allowing you to customise your look, extensions themselves are fairly customisable so that you can get just the right look.

But just how customisable are your hair extensions? How can they help you to meet your style goals? The more you learn about what is possible with hair extensions, the more you’ll enjoy integrating them into your busy life.

Changing the colour of clip-in hair extensions

If you are looking for very light-coloured hair extensions, it’s recommended that you simply buy them in these shades. Bleaching out the colour of hair extensions, whether human hair or synthetic, is simply not recommended. It’s a quick way to dry out and essential fry your extensions so that they’ll be rendered unwearable. Our growing hair has a natural source of oil to help keep our hair from drying out. Extensions don’t have this, and are already naturally drier than growing hair is.

According to the hair care professionals at Jadore Hair Supplies, it is possible to darken the colour of your extensions. Professional hair dyes can help you to get just the right shade, but it’s also a good idea to take your extensions to a stylist so that the right steps can be followed to protect your extensions.

Owning extensions in a variety of colours can give you many more styling options when you’re getting ready.

Changing the length of hair extensions

One of the best benefits of hair extensions is that they can give you added length. Perhaps you’ve suffered a really bad haircut that’ll take some time to grow out? By clipping in extensions, you’ll be able to restore your length in almost no time at all. To add to your styling options, you could invest in a few sets of extensions and adjust the length of them to suit your style mood. Go from a pixie cut to a shoulder length chic style, in an instant. Or transform your pixie into cascading locks that fall to the middle of your back.

You can trim your extensions yourself, but it’s suggested that you take them to your stylist so that you can get the professional look each and every time.

Adding curls to hair extensions

While some may suggest that you purchase curly hair extensions if you are looking to add gorgeous curls to your look, it’s also possible to curl your extensions when you’re getting ready to go out. Use your curling iron, on the lowest setting, and curl your extensions just as you would curl your natural hair. You can also use hair product to hold the curls, so long as it is rated as a good product to use on extensions.

Curling your extensions can give you much more by way of styling versatility. Keep in mind that if you have naturally curly hair and already have curly extensions, you can straighten them. However, there are a few extra steps to take so that you aren’t accidentally destroying the pretty curls. Some hair extensions won’t revert back to their curls after being straightened, while others will with just a bit of water and hair product. It’s a better option to simply invest in straight extensions versus trying to straighten your wavy or textured extensions.

Hair extensions, whether a clip-in or weave or tape-in option, are a great way to change up your looks. Whether you’re looking for a temporary clip-in option or the more permanent option of a weave, you’ll love the way that extensions give you styling versatility for all of the mundane and magical moments in your life.