Highlights of Australian fashion in 2022

Nynne fashion week

Over the last couple of years, it has been a rough old ride for those who love Australian fashion. 

With the lockdown and the pandemic, many people simply couldn’t get to the shops to buy the latest pieces.  And even if they found something online, uncertainty over their jobs, and the fact they couldn’t go out socially led to a decline in clothing retail sales in Australia.

Also, being forced to stay at home, we didn’t really need new clothes, other than maybe pyjamas. Which, let’s face it, was about as much as we wore all day.

However, now that lockdown appears to be a thing of the past, and we can all resume our work and social lives unhindered; retail sales have begun to steadily rise again. Which means most clothing stores have begun to invest more frequently and confidently in new stock and styles.

During Australian Fashion Week a few new trends emerged, which have since really taken off within the wider fashion scene.

Reflected in the latest styles put out by Aussie brands like Permanent Vacation, here are some of the some of the main highlights of Australian fashion in 2022.

Should your wardrobe need an overdue makeover, this is what you need to know.

Australian Fashion Trends for 2022

Some of the main fashion trend highlights for 2022 so far have been as follows:

Tunic tops

Artistic tunic tops that have been elongated to the hips, have provided a lovely alternative to those very cropped silhouettes that have previously been prevalent.

These types of designs can be simply worn with trousers that are slim fitting, as well as a nice pair of sandals.

Pale green

Designers at Australian Fashion Week incorporated a lot of pale green into their designs.

This has now translated into current styles of mini and maxi dresses which can be paired with yellow shoes and a matching colour bag.

For the office, pale green tops are really in right now too. Which can be worn with black skirts or a neutral-coloured suit set.


In a tip of the hat to beach season, the likes of macrame and netting have made a real splash this year.

You’ll find skirts and tops with intricate lattice work are all the rage now. While some mesh tops and dresses also feature both netting and sequins.

Some designs have even seen netting lay over trousers and maxi skirts, which creates a dynamic new look. Especially on stylish two pieces and clean-cut suits.


Perhaps we all got a bit too used to wandering around the house in just our underwear during lockdown, because sparkly bras are very in this year.

Gripped by the desire to celebrate life again, many designs are currently encouraging us to bare our bralettes. Boasting funky designs that feature everything from sparkles and lace to beads and chain link pieces.

Show off that body with a low waist slip or pencil skirt, a pair of shorts or your favourite denim jeans.


Skin is very much in this year, and just like bralettes, you will be able to show glimpses of yours, wearing items with cutouts.

Many tops, dresses and even the odd low-rise bottom are featuring strategically placed cutouts right now. Which will take your ‘wow’ factor up a couple of levels.

Party skirts

Now that lockdown is over, party dressing is suddenly relevant again and this year there seems to be a focus on party skirts.

Plenty of new designs have hit the shelves. So why not hit the club with a silky midi or maxi, or a very short mini. Take it up a notch with cute pleats or one that is bodycon fit.

The great thing about party skirts of course, is that you can mix and match them with anything.

Platform Shoes 

Time to pack away your micro-heels for a bit, as this year is all about chunky soles!

Loafers, ankle-strap heels, flatform silhouettes and even clogs have been primed for a return to prominence. So be sure to match them with whatever you choose to wear.

Bright Bags 

Bright bags are bang on trend at the moment, with pink, yellow, orange and bright blue leading the way.

If you are not keen on rocking a single colour accessory to your outfit, consider going for something that is two-tone in design, or better still, has several swirly shades.  

Final Thought

We hope this review of the main highlights of Australian fashion in 2022 has given you some inspiration of what additions to make to your wardrobe.

Whatever you decide to wear, just be sure to do so with confidence.

After all, it’s important to be you