Hello makes oral care fun and delicious

Hello Toothpaste

Spit just got real! Hello is on a mission to make the world a friendlier place, starting with your mouth.

Free of dyes, artificial sweeteners, flavours, parabens, triclosan, microbeads, and gluten, the Hello toothpaste range is also vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA. And the best part is they have never been tested on unicorns. 

Hello Toothpaste
Never tested on unicorns and tastes magical

What? Unicorns? Let us introduce you to one of our favourite tubes of Hello toothpaste – Unicorn Sparkle. For kids aged 7 to 107, this bubble gum natural flavoured toothpaste has no artificial sweeteners, no colourants, no artificial flavours, no spicy mint, and no SLS or sulfates. It’s also vegan and the tubes are BPA-free. Seriously, brushing has never been so delicious and fun!

Hello Toothpaste
Mind-blowing freshness

But the fun doesn’t stop there. The hello range also includes:

  • Naturally whitening fluoride toothpaste with farm-grown mint, tea tree + coconut oil (RRP $9.99) 
  • Epic whitening activated charcoal fluoride toothpaste with fresh mint + coconut oil (RRP $9.99) 
  • Goodby Plaque, hello whitening fluoride-free toothpaste in natural peppermint with tea tree + coconut oil (RRP $9.99) 
  • Activated charcoal mouthwash (RRP $9.99) 
  • Charcoal toothbrush (RRP $5.99) 
  • Goodbye plaque, hello whitening toothpaste tablets (RRP $15.99) 
Hello Toothpaste
Just chew brush. spit. smile.

Now you’re probably wondering how toothpaste tablets work? Plastic-free – in a recyclable tin – travel friendly with a delicious natural peppermint and fluoride-free, these tablets help to whiten teeth by removing surface stains, brushing away plaque and freshening breath.

They are formulated with natural peppermint, tea tree oil, and coconut oil, and all you do is simply chew, brush, spit and smile. Voila! 

And what’s the deal with the charcoal toothbrush? Well, the soft, super-cool tapered black bristles are infused with charcoal, while the comfy handle is made with plant-based materials for extra-friendliness. Go ahead and matchy-matchy with the activated charcoal toothpaste and your mouth will thank you.

Hello Toothpaste
This awesome toothpaste contains activated charcoal made from sustainable bamboo and just might rock your world.

So where can you find these friendly and delicious oral care products? Head to your closest Woolworths, Priceline, Chemist Warehouse or jump online at amazon.com.au