Haircut and a cocktail: Why Sharps barber is doing Metaxa cocktails


Everybody loves a drink. Everybody needs a haircut. Combine the two and you’ve got a great after-work activity, delivering you a new look and slightly cloudier judgement, making for an even better time.

Sharps is serving Metaxa. A Greek spirit from 1888, it’s known as the original Greek spirit and is all about its vibrant yet smooth, Metaxa’s unique taste takes you on a voyage that piques your curiosity and encourages a sense of exploration.

They celebrated the whole collaboration at the end of 2019, by teaming up with travellers who’d share stories and anecdotes from their travels, overcoming adversity and challenges, the world’s first expedition to officially reach the furthest source of the Essequibo river in Guyana and complete its descent by kayak, last year.  

In any case, seize the spirit of exploration, try a new do and head to Sharps for more. They’re serving up Metaxa 12 Stars and ginger rock cocktails, too.

Find out more and make a booking at the Sharps website.