Guess how many people don’t read – the truth with sadden you

Celeste Barber

So, it turns out a lot of us don’t read. Like, at all. Which explains the need for social media and auto-correct.

But, thankfully, there are organisations out there that are encouraging – while not typically ‘reading’ as we know it – people to get back to the ways of old-ish, by consuming the OG content: stories!

Audible found that 62% of Australians “are too busy to find the time to read”, so don’t.

To combat this, they roped-in Celeste Barber, renowned piss-taker and social media personality in their #ChallengeAccepted campaign to shine a light on books and the fact you can now read them with your ears.

Audible is all about audiobooks, making them more accessible, easier to consume and a lot cheaper than the traditional version.

They’ve even cottoned on to the fact that two thirds (or 65 per cent) of Aussies would be more likely to listen to an audiobook narrated by a celebrity. Our favourites are Morgan Freeman (41 per cent), David Attenborough (34 per cent), Barack Obama (24 per cent) and Stephen Fry (22 per cent).

Not to mention other cultural tid-bits like, the fact that Aussies most often wish they had read the Game of Thrones series (23 per cent), The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (22 per cent), and The Barefoot Investor (22 per cent).

For more, go to Audible.