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The Greek holiday you need: Santorini Wellness Oasis at Mystique

After the last almost two years we’ve had, you can’t be blamed for need a bit (read: a LOT) of downtime. So, why not get some?

Thanks to the fact UK residents can now travel to a few prime locations around Europe, now’s the time to seize the opportunity to visit that long-awaited destination of Santorini.

One of the island’s leading hospitality venues, Mystique, a Luxury Collection Hotel, perched on the Caldera cliffs of Oia in Santorini, has partnered with OPO wellness and technology studio to create an immersive meditation program for their guests and the community to experience.

Each meditation program will allow you to connect with the captivating surroundings. This includes ‘Today’ meditations which are split between 4 sessions; Morning RiseDaytime Chill, Evening Reflections and Night Sky, and the ‘Learn To Meditate’ programme, which is designed for those who are familiar with the benefits of meditation, but have not yet experienced them.

During their stay, you’ll also have the opportunity to take a tranquil stroll through the cobbled streets to capture the beautiful sunrise on the island.

Here’s a break down:

Today’ sessions include:

  • Morning Rise: a guided meditation infused with 3D sounds that actively promotes greater brain activity and a release of serotonin that can be maintained throughout the rest of the day as the guest wakes up.
  • Daytime Chill: helpsmaintain a chilled vibe by listening to further calming sounds, tones and words during the day to keep in one’s best, most relaxed state.
  • Evening Reflections: this meditation allows decompression by reflecting on the day with appreciation. Deeper 3D sounds allow for greater melatonin release pre-sleep.
  • Night Sky: with the night sky lit up with bright stars in Santorini, this meditation is infused with sounds of stillness that give the guests that night time feel, ahead of them falling asleep.

‘Learn How To Meditation’ sessions include:

  • 4 minutes: begins by holding their attention to breath and body. Being present in the mind but not being swayed by it.
  • 6 minutes: allows to build up practice by adding more breath work and holding attention still for longer.
  • 9 minutes: this session gives time for mindful body scan and added breath work.
  • 12 minutes: longer session which allows guests to fully scan their body in motion and attitude with breath exercises.

For more and to book your experience, head to the Mystique Hotel by Kanva Hotels website.

Mystique Hotel Santorini beach Greece cliff

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