Get excited for the Sydney Film Festival

Sydney Film Festival SFF Opening Night State Theatre by Tim Levy 1014

With the much-awaited 71st Sydney Film Festival on the horizon, cinema enthusiasts from all corners are gearing up for what promises to be a spellbinding cinematic adventure. Spanning the heart of winter from 5 to 16 June 2024, the SFF is a beacon for filmmakers and movie-goers alike, seeking solace in the warm embrace of storytelling and moving pictures. Festival-goers can anticipate a rich tapestry of film genres and cultures, offering introspective voyages and imaginative explorations that transcend the screen. The anticipation builds as the festival’s lineup, teased to be a carefully curated selection mirroring the diversity and creative spirit of the times, awaits its grand unveiling in May. With venues sprawling across Sydney’s tapestry, from heritage cinemas to contemporary spaces, the SFF is set to shine as a cornerstone event celebrating artistry, community, and the unifying power of film.

From Wednesday 5 to Sunday 16 June 2024, the 71st Sydney Film Festival offers Sydneysiders another exciting season of cinema amidst a whirlwind of premieres, red-carpet openings, in-depth discussions, film guests, and more. As a major event on the New South Wales cultural calendar and one of the world’s longest-running film festivals, it serves as a testament to Sydney’s enduring love affair with the silver screen. The festival not only showcases a stimulating array of works from international and Australian filmmakers, but it also provides a vibrant platform for networking, fostering an ecosystem where industry professionals and cinema lovers can interact and exchange ideas.

For more information about the festival, ticket purchases, or participation details, enthusiasts and cinephiles are encouraged to visit It’s worth noting the significant support that the 71st Sydney Film Festival enjoys, which includes contributions from the NSW Government through Screen NSW, the Federal Government through Screen Australia, and the City of Sydney. These partnerships underscore the event’s cultural importance and facilitate the celebration of both emerging talent and revered masters of the cinematic arts.