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Freelancing in the free world: being a nomadic creative

There’s a lot of talk about being a digital nomad but what about being a nomadic creative? In other words, someone who goes where the work is. For many creative types, this is essential. As a result, you end up getting in your car and forever feeling like you are on a road trip. But being a nomadic creative is a lot of work. It’s not just about going where the work is, but it’s about organising your life in such a way that you can constantly be in work, but also be able to cope with the rigours of constant travel. Let’s show you some of the practicalities, and personal components, involved in being a nomadic creative. 

Travelling Right

The best way to be a nomad is to have your own car. Some people like travelling via train, or public transport, but the big problem with this is that you are bound by the timetables. If you have a phone call at 6 pm for a job that is starting at 9 am 500 miles away, you’ve got no time to book a train, get on it, and set up any accommodation! You can get in your car, and off you go! But this means you’ve got to have your car in top condition. You don’t want it breaking down in the middle of nowhere. But this is easily fixed. You can learn how to maintain your vehicle, but also make sure that you book your car in for a regular servicing or a logbook service. At the very least, if you’ve got a car, you’ve got some form of security when you are travelling.

Ensuring Things Are Taken Care of at Home

If you are moving from place to place, there will be times when you need to set up some form of regular address. Ideally, the best approach is to have one address set up, either with a family member or a close friend, so at the very least, relevant correspondence can go to them. If you decide that you are going to head out on the road for six months, going from job to job, hotel to hotel, you’ve got to have some form of security with regards to your banking, as well as making sure that any urgent correspondence can reach you. This is especially important if you find that you’ve got to earn some money quickly, and if you find that you have to do a proper job somewhere just to keep you ticking over, despite being hundreds of miles away from home, the permanent address will serve you well, because you look like you have a fixed abode.

Balancing the Lifestyle Effectively

Being nomadic, on the road constantly, can be exhausting. Many people live for the spirit of adventure and if you speak to any digital nomads, you tend to find that they have the money to keep them surviving because of the numerous jobs they do. It’s worth bearing this in mind if you plan on going away for a long period of time. You may have to diversify your skillset. For example, if you are a photographer, you can earn extra money by selling your photos on the many websites that will pay. But if you feel that you are going to earn a living doing this one role, you may find that after a while, you will have to diversify yourself purely so you can keep afloat. There is nothing wrong with doing freelance roles, and as there are plenty of freelance websites out there that it gives you the opportunity to expand your skillset, while also making sure that you are balancing the lifestyle effectively. But also, you may want to think about returning home on occasion, just to recharge. It’s important to remember that burnout can get the best of us. And there are several ways for you to offset this. For example, if you are in a beautiful location this might be enough to keep your spirits up. However, when finances are an issue, returning home just for a mental, physical, and spiritual recharge can make a big difference. 

Being a nomad is exciting because it gives you the opportunity to see the world in a whole new way, while also doing the job that you love. But it is also a big challenge. There are other practicalities to consider, such as sticking to a budget and making sure that you are in the right headspace, you may very well find that this is an adventure, but it can also soon wear thin, especially living in and out of hotels. Get the balance right.

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