Flamenco Festival 2024 at Sadler’s Wells

Flamenco dancer

The Flamenco Festival is set to make a triumphant return to Sadler’s Wells this summer for its 19th edition, spanning from Tuesday 4 to Saturday 15 June. This eagerly anticipated event promises an electrifying showcase of flamenco artistry, featuring seven UK premieres and captivating performances from acclaimed flamenco luminaries. The festival’s program will be a vibrant fusion of dance performances and concerts, delivering a compelling and unforgettable experience for all attendees.

The festival kicks off with a mesmerizing performance by Rocío Molina in Al Fondo Riela on Tuesday 4 June. Molina, known for her innovative approach and subversion of flamenco traditions, presents a piece that revolves around reflection and the loss of reality, encapsulated by the original flamenco trio of dance, song, and guitar. Accompanied by two contrasting guitarists, Oscar Lago and Yerai Cortés, Molina’s performance promises to be a captivating exploration of traditional flamenco combined with innovative flair.

Returning to the festival after her remarkable appearance in 2019, Rocío Molina has been recognized for her exceptional talent, winning the Critics’ Circle National Dance Award for outstanding female performance and being awarded the prestigious Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale in 2022.

The festival continues to dazzle with a concert by the renowned flamenco guitarist Vicente Amigo on Wednesday 5 June. Amigo, celebrated as one of the most accomplished flamenco guitarists of his generation and a Latin Grammy Award-winner, will present a concert that seamlessly blends classical and nuevo flamenco, incorporating elements of jazz, folk, and South American rhythms while preserving the essence of flamenco.

On Thursday 6 June, virtuoso performers Patricia Guerrero and Alfonso Losa will take the stage in Alter Ego, a captivating duet that strips flamenco down to its raw essence and explores a profound personal connection. Their performance, developed from a series of improvisations, promises to deliver a spellbinding amalgamation of conventional flamenco and unrestrained movement.

Eva Yerbabuena, a revered figure in the flamenco world, will share reflections on her illustrious 20-year career in Yerbagüena (bright dark) from Friday 7 to Saturday 8 June. Accompanied by her musical director, guitarist Paco Jarana, as well as two singers and two percussionists, Yerbabuena’s performance is anticipated to be a poignant exploration of the tension between traditional and nuevo flamenco, showcasing her mastery of the soleá – the dance of solitude. Her illustrious career includes collaborations with esteemed figures such as Pina Bausch and notable contributions to the Ballet Nacional de España.

The festival lineup also features celebrated flamenco musician Israel Fernández, who will present his latest album Pura Sangre on Sunday 9 June in collaboration with renowned Jerez guitarist Diego del Morao. This deeply personal work offers an intimate glimpse into Fernández’s world and his unique interaction with the external environment, displaying his remarkable artistry and earning accolades such as the Premio Odeón and nominations for the Best Flamenco Album in the Latin Grammy Awards.


Furthermore, choreographer David Coria and singer David Lagos will converge in a contemporary interpretation of the fandango, a popular and festive musical style from Andalusia, on Monday 10 June. Their performance, titled ¡Fandango!, seamlessly weaves together flamenco and contemporary movement, traditional song and electronic music, drawing upon Iberian folk culture to celebrate the rich history and tradition of Spain.

The festival culminates in a spectacular finale featuring the Ballet Nacional de España, presenting an extravaganza of music, movement, and color in Invocación from Wednesday 12 to Saturday 15 June. Artistic Director Rubén Olmo curates an all-encompassing evening featuring 38 dancers and four works that pay homage to the cornerstones of Spanish dance, from vibrant flamenco and traditional bolero to contemporary dance and classical ballet.

Miguel Marín, director of Flamenco Festival, expressed his enthusiasm for this year’s event, highlighting the diverse and vibrant landscape of contemporary flamenco. From groundbreaking artistry to timeless mastery, the festival promises unparalleled virtuosity and innovation, showcasing the brilliance of established luminaries and emerging talent alike.

Flamenco Festival 2024 will unfold across Sadler’s Wells Theatre and the Lilian Baylis Studio, with additional shows in the Lilian Baylis Studio set to be announced soon. This cultural extravaganza is poised to captivate audiences with its rich tapestry of flamenco artistry, embodying the spirit and tradition of this iconic art form.

Flamenco Festival London 2024
Sadler’s Wells Theatre & Lilian Baylis Studio
Tuesday 4 – Saturday 15 June
Tickets from £15
Ticket Office: 020 7863 8000 or www.sadlerswells.com