Easy guide to decluttering every room in your home

Living room house

Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, you are probably spending more time at home than ever before. Although this change in lifestyle that has affected millions across the globe is a bit inconvenient, it’s also a great opportunity to tackle some of those home projects you have been putting off. 

We all have more clutter in our homes than we need. As the minimalist movement continues to gain popularity, more homeowners are looking to simplify and declutter their homes. Getting rid of useless, outdated or out of style stuff from your home can be a liberating experience. This is a great opportunity to toss, sell or donate a lot of items from your home.

If you are downsizing or just want to get your home organized and adopt a more simplistic look, your first step is to hire a skip bin and start purging. We are going to take a comprehensive look at how you can start decluttering every room in your home and free yourself and your mind.


The kitchen is the busiest place in your home. You cook and eat there and gather with family and friends. It is the epicenter of most homes, so it’s not surprising that it is the main draw of unnecessary clutter. 

Start in the pantry and get rid of anything that is past its expiry or is not likely to ever be used. Move on to your drawers, especially your junk drawer, and get rid of all but essential items. 

Go through your cupboards and get rid of any broken or mismatched dishes along with any small appliances that are broken or never get used. Your countertops should be clear of anything that is not put to daily use.

Closets and dressers

Purging your closets and drawers can help you to stay more organized and focus on the often-worn items that you really love. If you haven’t worn an item in a year, it is damaged, out of style or doesn’t fit, it’s time to get rid of it. Items in good condition can be donated or sold for a bit of profit. Hang a shoe organizer in your closet to get your favorite pairs off the floor and keep pairs together for easy access.


Start with your medicine cabinet by getting rid of any older or expired prescriptions. Move on to your cosmetics and try to keep only the most essential items that you use every day. Organize your hair dryer and irons by hanging a rack on the back of your bathroom door for easy access.


Your bedroom should be a place of peaceful refuge. Too much clutter in the bedroom can actually prevent you from getting a night of good sleep. Start by clearing out your bedside table and getting rid of any items that you don’t need and returning them to their rightful places. Clear your dresser tops of all clutter and leave only a few things that bring you joy like a family photo or small memorabilia items.

Living Room

Your living room gets a lot of action and it doesn’t take long for the clutter to get out of control. Clean up all books and magazines and put them away on proper shelves. Invest in storage bins for videos, game controllers and movies. Innovative furniture like ottomans can be used as extra storage for blankets and throws for those cold nights.

Take stock of what you have, what is truly important and essential to your happiness and convenience and get rid of what doesn’t need to stay. A clutter-free home will give you a fresh start and help you keep things simple.