Don’t go back to your boring training routine, burn off the COVID kilos with these epic workouts

Canterbury mens gym fitness rope

One thing i’m sure we can all agree on, is that 2020 has certainly been disruptive. Even if you were not financially impacted or sick, gyms where closed, we were all told to stay home, working environments have changed and the list goes on.

With more businesses opening up again, and summer coming in hot, many of us may be trying to get back into our gym routine. Therefore we thought we would inspire you by flagging a new concept that has just been launched by Bulk Nutrients.

Bulk Nutrients is a supplement company so they were not too badly affected by the closures, however they have decided that they want to do their bit to help the gyms that were not so lucky, so they have launched a Work Out To Help Out  campaign where they will host events at several gyms, and invite you all to train for free in exchange for sharing the workout on your social channels. The idea is to create as much hype around the studios as possible to give them a leg up after their lock downs.

Here are some of our top picks:

A Squad Called SavageA Squad Called Savage is a studio based in Potts Point that is run by celebrity trainer Justin Savage. They have a 3 level studio which serves up 45 minute sessions of heat building, heart racing, courage testing full body conditioning. Expect a high energy workout with world class trainers and epic beats.
For those who have a gains goal in mind, they have a very popular BUILD program where they focus on main lifts such as squats, deadlifts and push and pull exercises all run in 6-week blocks. 

AGOGA is one of Bondi’s finest studios, AGOGA’s workouts are based on the training methods of elite athletes, coaches and scientific strategies on how they would train for their particular sport. Their workouts combine functional movement patterns with high intensity interval training to create natural, symmetrical bodies that are strong, lean and mobile.
Their workouts are high energy, a lot of fun and through Work Out To Help Out you will get the chance to try their ‘Signature’ class which combines plyo, strength and cardio which will work all your energy systems. 

Body Fit Training is one of the hottest global fitness communities with over 55 studios Australia wide, and with their access all studios membership, you can train with them no matter where you are! They use science and technology to drive positive outcomes for people at all fitness levels and with all goals. If you are looking to reduce fat, increase performance or create lean muscle, they have you sorted. 

Progressive programs are designed by joint CEO Cameron Falloon who had an extensive career as the S+C coach for high profile AFL and soccer teams, he was also the personal trainer of Princess Diana.

Divine Yoga slows things down a little and is a studio on the Northern Beaches that offers daily meditation, YIN, Divine Flow Yoga, Vinyasa and Pilates. They have a bunch of incredible instructors who are all unique and their aim is to help you move to feel better without any limitation.
Their classes are not only designed to make you feel great in the moment, but to give you some tools that can benefit your life in general.
While yoga and meditation is always an important practise, it is certainly a needed one in 2020.

CREWFIT is one impressive gym that offers the ultimate fitness and training experience. It’s also a purpose built fitness facility out in Mortdale, Sydney, which was built from the ground up. They offer a unique selection of hand picked equipment curated from all around the globe as well as cutting edge fitness classes and luxury amenities including a NormaTec recovery suite. They also have a kiosk offering coffee by The Grounds, protein smoothies, food and drink.

Classes are designed to make you fit and strong through the use of awesome equipment and proper technique. This gym is a MUST to check out!