Doing interiors? Here’s why you need to know what Citco is

Citco 2

If you’ve never seen a three piece marble bathtub the size of a room that exudes luxury and an air of ‘f$%k off’ like nothing else, then you need to be introduced to Citco (pron. ch-it-co).

This year at Salone del Mobile in Milan, the Italian natural stone people, Citco, will showcase beautiful and elegant pieces for two new collections within its Citco Design and Citco Privé lines.

This year, they collaborated with architects and designers to bring their works to life, creating incredible installations for home and living spaces that dreams are made of.

Their 2019 is all about five key new pieces for the marble fanatic:

The oval table created by world renowned artist Anish Kapoor for 2019 Citco Design collection. Made in granite and in onyx.

The magic cave bath by Marco Piva; a stone sculpture that envelops and generates water, taking its inspiration from underground caves.

Soma light tables by Fabrizio Bendazzoli. These are pieces comprised of two sections: an arched frame that acts as an LED light source and a matching solid inner panel that allows the light to be directed to suit one’s preferences. Soma light tables by Fabrizio Bendazzoli.

Citco 1

Pelago table by Zaha Hadid. It takes inspiration from the costal rock formations carved by the sea and mirrors the logic and coherence of natural forms.

And the Vortex table by Arik Levy, which is a functional sculpture with a dominant presence that is inspired by the powerful energy of a vortex.

See more about Salon de Mobile at their website and Citco right here.

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