Do your part for child abuse by purchasing new bits by the Body Shop

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You’re going to be able to heal the hearts of children affected by child abuse through purchasing Almond Milk and Honey Body Lotion from The Body Shop Australia, as part of its ‘Healing Hearts Project’ in partnership with Australian Childhood Foundation.

From 16 July, three dollars from every sale of the products will be donated to Australian Childhood Foundation. They’re an independent N4P that works to bring love and safety back to the lives of children who have been traumatised by abuse, family violence and neglect.

Body Shop Chameleon

Aptly named the ‘Healing Hearts Project’, it’s a twelve-month partnership that includes the creation of therapeutic dolls to be used by professionals and carers in counselling sessions with kids.

The program will also fund additional counselling hours for children using the dolls as well as provide professionals with specialist training to work with the dolls.

The facts around children in Australia being affected by trauma and family violence are alarming. Every night in Australia 48,000 children cannot sleep in their own beds because they are not protected. The Australian Childhood Foundation, at any one time, provides specialist therapeutic support for a staggering 600-800 children.

The trauma these children experience deeply impacts the way they experience their world, devastating their development, identity, sense of safety and their capacity to learn. Without help, their trauma impairs their capacity to grow positively and to experience love, colour and play.

Research conducted by the Australian Childhood Foundation has shown that exploring children’s senses through toys and games helps to unlock the trauma held in their bodies.

Each of the four specialist therapeutic dolls being created in collaboration with The Body Shop Australia, include Gypsy the Snail, Frankie the Platypus, Jaz the Chameleon and Sammi and Scout the Penguins.

“Abuse and family violence rocks children to their very core and they stop trusting that relationships can keep them safe. The Healing Hearts Project produces a line of innovative therapeutic dolls that provide traumatised children with the experiences that enable them to feel love and safety again. It helps them to deeply connect to people who care for them. And ultimately it reshapes their future. We want as many abused children in Australia to benefit from these new resources that have only been made possible by our partnership with The Body Shop Australia” Said Dr Joe Tucci, CEO of the Australian Childhood Foundation.

See more about the project at the Body Shop’s website.

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