Dickies does Jameson in new collab

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Jameson Irish Whiskey and iconic workwear brand Dickies have joined forces to create an exclusive collection that celebrates their shared values of craftsmanship and community. The partnership, titled “Crafted Together,” pays tribute to the fashion and ethos of workwear, as well as the dedication to craft and passion for evolution among creators and makers.

The collection features signature pieces such as the Dickies Eisenhower Jacket, overalls, beanies, caps, and more. Some apparel will even feature a bespoke graphic inspired by the original Jameson ‘Barrelman’ icon. The pieces were shot in Jameson’s historic Midleton Distillery in Cork, adding to the authenticity and heritage of the collaboration.

Both brands share a rich history of craftsmanship and community. Jameson has been distilling their renowned Irish whiskey since 1780, and has a deep respect for the craft and tradition of whiskey-making. Dickies, on the other hand, has been producing high-quality workwear for over a century, with a focus on durability and functionality. The two brands coming together to create this collection feels like a natural partnership.

Crafted Together aims to connect kindred spirits and appreciate the craft shared by both brands and modern craftspeople. The limited-edition collection will be available online in Australia and New Zealand. Fans of Jameson and Dickies won’t want to miss the chance to get their hands on these unique workwear pieces.

This collaboration is not just about fashion, but also about celebrating the hardworking people who inspire both brands. It’s a tribute to those who take pride in their craft and value the importance of community. Crafted Together is a true testament to the power of partnerships and the beauty of collaboration.

In conclusion, the Jameson Irish Whiskey and Dickies “Crafted Together” collaboration is a celebration of craftsmanship and community. The collection showcases signature pieces that pay tribute to the fashion and ethos of workwear, as well as a deep respect for tradition and authenticity. It’s a limited-edition collection that fans of both brands won’t want to miss. As we wait in anticipation for its release, we can reflect on the power of partnerships and the magic that can be created when two brands come together to create something beautiful.

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