Crumpler has gone green with their bags

Crumpler Conversion 1

Because the earth is kinda fucked unless we all start changing teenie-tiny things about our lives and the way we live them (as we sit here promoting consumerism #lel), it’s nice to see brands taking a stand.

The latest one to join the fold is Crumpler, the Melbourne bag brand that has picked itself up and decided to do something about global green-ness.

They’ve intro’d the greener capsule collection of their stuff, called the Conversion range, which is all made from seven tonnes of polyester scrap and cut-offs to reduce a little bit of their footprint.

The all-new Conversion series features Crumpler’s signature sleek and functional designs, and includes backpacks, messenger bags, cross-body bags and accessories.

Is nice. Check it out at the Crumpler website.

Crumpler Conversion 2