Colour up your workout with Wild Mingo exercise mats

Wild Mingo mat 1

Wild Mingo’s exercise mats look just as stunning as their namesake (flamingos), bringing a fair whack of colour and excitement to your workout at home, at the gym or otherwise.

The eco-friendly mats are made from recycled materials and featuring the work of local artists, each mat is designed to bring colour and movement into your daily routine.

Wild Mingo yoga mat side plank

As the story goes, the Wild Mingo brand and creation came out of a whisp of creativity in 2020 Wild Mingo is all about brightening up your fitness world one paint splatter at a time.

It’s all about joy and bringing that extra energy burst to whatever floor-bound practise you’re into on that day.

The artwork for each Mingo mat comes from the brand’s hometown, Melbourne, designed by a local Melbourne artist Ashleigh Ben-Danan.

Complete with microsuede finishing and a whole lotta energy, Wild Mingo offers a range of colours and styles for your next session. Have a look at the Wild Mingo website!

Wild Mingo mat 2