Coconut smoothie bar in Sydney

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A tropical revolution is brewing in the heart of Sydney. Coconature, the city’s first-ever coconut-based smoothie bar, is set to open its doors in Westfield Sydney, on February 2, 2024. This pioneering establishment marks a significant shift in Sydney’s beverage scene, introducing a unique concept centred around the versatile and nutritious coconut.

Coconature responds to Sydney’s growing demand for healthier, natural alternatives with its range of coconut smoothies. Emphasising the natural potential of coconuts, these smoothies tantalise taste buds while offering health benefits. Coconature ensures transparency in its offerings, using natural sweeteners of the coconut, such as Coconut Water, instead of artificial sugars, appealing to those seeking flavorful yet wholesome dietary choices.

A Menu Crafted with Care and Quality

At the heart of Coconature’s offering is its signature product line, including the acclaimed Signature Coconut Smoothie, a blend of fresh coconut water, coconut flesh, frozen coconut cream, and ice. This smoothie epitomises the essence of Coconature – a commitment to simplicity, purity, and the natural goodness of coconuts. For those who enjoy a caffeine kick, the Coffee Coconut Smoothie, combining roasted coffee beans with coconut elements, is a unique and invigorating option.

Catering to diverse dietary needs, Coconature proudly offers vegan and dairy-free alternatives. The Passionfruit Mango Coconut Smoothie is a testament to the bar’s creativity, blending the exotic flavours of passionfruit and mango with the creamy texture of coconut. The range also extends into innovative smoothie blends such as Biscoff Coconut Smoothie. Patrons can also personalise their drinks with an assortment of toppings, such as Aloe Vera, Chia Seeds, Coconut Jelly, and Coconut Ice Cream, allowing for a unique smoothie experience every time.

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing: Core Values of Coconature

Coconature is committed to more than just great taste and health benefits. The brand takes pride in sourcing its coconuts from Thailand, renowned for its high-quality produce and sustainable agricultural practices. This not only ensures the finest ingredients for Coconature’s products but also aligns with the company’s ethos of ethical and responsible sourcing.

Celebrating the Launch: 100 FREE PER DAY FOR THREE DAYS

To mark this momentous occasion, Coconature is rolling out a special promotion to celebrate its grand opening. From February 2nd to the 4th, the first 100 customers each day will be treated to a complimentary Signature Coconut smoothie. This offer is a gesture of Coconature’s commitment to sharing the joy and health benefits of coconut-based smoothies with the wider community.