Sydney Harbour Bridge day

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, get your money back: BridgeClimb has a new offer

Been wanting to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but been too hesitant or haven’t had the cash?

Then your time to chill and finally do it is now! They’ve got a new cashback offer for visitors, giving you the chance to reclaim $100 from your purchase price.

Why? Well, after the horror of the past two years of highs, lows, ons and offs, they felt it was their civic duty to help visitors out on achieving one of many bucket list items right in their own backyard.

There are a few conditions outlined below, but otherwise; have at it!

Sydney Harbour Bridge cashback

For more info, to see how it works and how much you can claim back for various activities, head to the BridgeClimb website

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