Christmas puddings for the community: Lion’s Christmas cake

Christmas pudding

As the festive season approaches, Australia’s favourite Christmas treat makes its eagerly anticipated return. The iconic Lions Australia Christmas cakes, embraced by thousands of households across the country for their exceptional quality and flavoursome taste, are back on sale, with all proceeds going back to the Lions Clubs and their commendable initiatives nationwide.

These cakes aren’t just renowned for their delectable taste and high-quality ingredients, featuring a sumptuous recipe packed with 50% fruit. What truly sets these Christmas cakes apart is their heart-warming purpose. By purchasing a Lions Christmas Cake, you aren’t just indulging your festive palate, but also actively contributing to a worthy cause.

Lions Australia uses the proceeds from the Lions Christmas Cake to fund a variety of crucial projects in the community. Each club that participates in the program gets to use the profits towards a Lions project or donate it back to their local communities, according to Lions Australia CEO, Rob Oerlemans. The focus in recent years has been on emergency and disaster relief activities, particularly helping communities rebuild and recover in the aftermath of fires and floods.

Since the introduction of the first 1-pound cake back in 1965, Lions Christmas cakes and puddings have become the organisation’s most significant annual fundraiser. To date, they have successfully raised over $70 million to drive a range of community programs and projects across Australia.

The Lions clubs, which started their journey over 75 years ago in Lismore, have now grown into Australia’s largest service organisation, boasting over 1200 clubs nationwide. Their key focus areas include supporting communities impacted by floods, aiding those still recovering from the 2019/2020 Black Summer bushfires, and driving various community service projects in areas like youth programs, medical research, aid for people with disabilities, and environmental work.

With the Lions Christmas Cake recipe proudly owned by Lions Australia and produced by Traditional Foods in Victoria, each purchase truly makes a difference. To be part of this heartwarming tradition, purchase a Lions Christmas cake or pudding today from Lions Australia Fundraising.