Celebrating 20 Years of Community Connection: First Drop Café Opens New Location in Marrickville

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In the heart of Marrickville, a delightful mix of tradition and innovation is brewing. First Drop, a community-loved café founded by Michael Savvakis, announces the opening of its second branch on the occasion of its 20th business anniversary. Joined in this endeavour by his brother-in-law Christopher Hing, the duo brings to Marrickville the same warmth, friendliness, and culinary delight that made their first café a staple in the Sydney food scene.

First Drop’s journey began in 2003 as a quaint corner café on Baptist & Telopea Street, Redfern. Michael Savvakis’ vision of a local café transformed into a community sanctuary offering classic breakfast and lunchtime favourites. Keeping things simple and excelling at the basics became First Drop’s success mantra.

In 2007, Christopher Hing officially joined the business, making First Drop a family affair. His Greek and Chinese heritage brought an enticing fusion of flavours to the menu, enriching the café’s offerings. Now, two decades later, First Drop is ready to infuse the multicultural Marrickville, perfectly aligning with its unique ethos.

The secret to First Drop’s success lies in its deep-rooted connections with its customers. Co-founders Chris and Michael’s hands-on approach to service nurtures a familial and communal atmosphere. Their commitment to local suppliers and popular offers like Redfern’s Bottomless brunch have earned First Drop its stellar reputation for quality. The new Marrickville outlet promises exciting options for functions and catering, including a spacious indoor and outdoor patio area.

The new menu at Marrickville continues to reflect First Drop’s commitment to simplicity and authenticity. From the much-loved El Clasico breakfast to the signature Home Made Beans and Deli Style Sandwiches, every dish guarantees a delightful food experience.

An integral part of the First Drop family, Head Chef Kiara Gualtieri, brings her culinary skill and innovation to the Marrickville location. The 24-year-old, with her Italian roots, was primed for the kitchen from a tender age, learning from her Nonna and sharing meals with her family. Her contributions to the menu, like the addition of Burrata to the Home Made Beans, bring a delicious cheesy twist. Kiara’s passion for food, commitment to traditional yet innovative cooking, and her personalised service only add to the vibrant culinary spirit at First Drop.

First Drop, founded in 2003, is a beloved part of the Inner West Sydney café culture. With great coffee, delectable food, and exceptional service, First Drop has won the hearts of both local residents and visitors. The essence of First Drop, shaped by Michael, Chris, and Kiara’s love for good food, is reflected in their diverse menu that caters to a wide range of palates. The Marrickville menu promises to delight food enthusiasts in the Inner West.