Best wellbeing audio books to start 2023

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The start of a new year is always the prime time for setting new goals, committing to resolutions and planning personal transformations. And then seeing how fast you can watch it all come crashing down!

But! Intention is 90% of taking the first step, so with that in mind, we’ve rounded-up three of the top wellbeing listens to set you on the right path for 2023.

Titles include new releases from David Goggins with Never Finished and Michelle Obama with The Light We Carry, there are also four NEW goop Pursuit titles launching today (12 January), featuring Gwyneth Paltrow, on topics such as embracing change, leaning into pleasure and healing trauma. 

The goop Pursuit: Leaning into Pleasure by Penda N’diaye

The goop Pursuit Leaning into Pleasure by Penda Ndiaye

After her conversation with Gwyneth Paltrow, Penda N’diaye (founder of Pro Hoe, a brand that focuses on sexual liberation in Black and Brown communities) speaks with three women of different ages about being “detectives of their own pleasure”. How do we experience pleasure? Why can satisfying sex be difficult to come by? How do we open up to exploring and expressing our desires? What can we look forward to along the way? 

How to Be Confident by James Smith 

How to Be Confident by James Smith

From two-times number one Sunday Times best-selling author James Smith comes How to Be Confident – the third instalment in James’ no-nonsense guides to gaining the tools to empower your decision-making and change your life. 

The Barefoot Investor, Revised and Updated Edition by Scott Page

The Barefoot Investor Revised and Updated Edition by Scott Page

Whether you’re looking to save up enough money to put down a deposit on a house or find a financial adviser who’s actually trustworthy, it’s safe to say that achieving financial objectives can feel like an insurmountable challenge. But with the guidance of Scott Pape, The Barefoot Investor himself, your most ambitious money goals can become a reality. 

Tame Your Inner Critic by Clare Bowditch

Tame Your Inner Critic by Clare Bowditch

Using her experience as a storyteller, broadcaster, and (undercover) life-coach, Clare Bowditch collaborates with neuroscientist Dr Charlotte Keating to detail useful Cognitive Behavioural Therapy concepts that will help you tame your inner critic. With practical steps and Clare’s trademark humour and intimate storytelling style, Tame Your Inner Critic will teach you the skills to retrain your brain and achieve your big, fat dreams. 

How To Release Anxiety by Gabrielle Bernstein

How To Release Anxiety by Gabrielle Bernstein

This 90-minute Audible Original is a helpful, speedy remedy for the anxiety so omnipresent in our lives. Full of relatable, personal examples—Gabby is all-too human, too!—How to Release Anxiety provides a welcoming, user-friendly approach to our all-too common, completely unproductive reaction to stress.