The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra’s got a surprise for ‘Mozart’s Clarinet’

Handels Messiah Brandenburg Orchestra THE F 2

The Brandenburg Orchestra’s is Australia’s answer to baroque music.

And if you haven’t heard of them before or been to a show, then it’s time you know: you’re missing out.

This season, they’ve taken on a new soloist for their Mozart series, Craig Hill, who’s got an over forty-three-year history with Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto, performing the piece over many decades including twice with the Brandenburg. While the wistful Adagio is familiar to many from its use in numerous well-known film scores such as Out of Africa and The King’s Speech, Hill will perform on the traditional period basset clarinet in a rare chance for audiences to hear the work on the instrument it was originally intended and from one of the country’s leading clarinetists.

The performance is an homage to the composer (Mozart) as it was his last piece before his untimely death at age 35.

Before you go to the Brandenburg Orchestra website to buy tickets, here are the dates to plan:


City Recital Hall, Sydney

Thu, 28 April, 7:00 PM? 

Fri, 29 April, 7:00 PM 

Sat, 30 April, 7:00PM? 

Tue, 3 May, 7:00 PM? 

Thu, 12 May, 7:00 PM? 

Sat, 14 May, 2:00 PM? 

Melbourne Recital Centre? 

Thu, 5 May, 7:00PM 

Sat, 7 May, 7:00 PM? 

Sun, 8 May, 5:00 PM? 

Riverside Theatres, Parramatta

Fri, 13 May, 7:00PM