Aston James: how 90s model Fabio is a household name again

Aston James

Fabio Lanzoni’s the Italian-American actor, model and influencer whose hey day was earlier in the century. And now, he’s back!

Known for his head of bold hair and his love for caring for it, he’s been driven in the direction of collaborator in the creation of Aston James, a new range of fancy men’s grooming accessories.

At the helm of Aston James are Australian entrepreneurs, Liam Robinson and Daniel Phillips. Together, they envisioned a collection of men’s hair and personal care products and had their eyes set on Fabio.

“These two young Aussies came over and pitched me an idea that I loved, and the end product was something so beautiful I couldn’t not get involved”, says Fabio

“Being a perfectionist, this project was two years in the making. We wanted nothing but the best ingredients and extracts and the products had to look flawless. Plus, I love the people of Australia so we are excited to launch the roll out here.

“A lot of time, passion and energy went into this project. The concept was great and the guys on the project worked hard to get this launched just in time for Christmas. I can’t
wait for the people of Australia to get their hands on these
products”, says Fabio.

It’s fancy, comes in ceramic packaging and sports dark features, a great accompaniment to any contemporary bathroom.

See the whole Aston James range at their website.