AllPress tackles war on waste with compostable packaging

All Press coffee cup

AllPress are big in NZ, big in London and now, big in the world thanks to their approach to the war on waste. Coffee cups now officially don’t have to kill the Earth, anymore!

Complete with compostable coffee sacks for their beans, their hot air roasting method and now their new non-GMO bioplastic coffee cups, they’re leading the charge against a planet that out-lives homo sapiens.

It is estimated that 500 billion takeaway coffee cups are produced globally every year, with the majority of them ending up in landfill. Allpress continues to only use compostable coffee cups, recently adding reusable cups to the product line. The introduction of compostable packing has the potential to divert more than 1,250,000 bags from landfill each year, after the introduction of the new 3kg bag into the market later this year. Understanding that these practices are steps in the right direction and change doesn’t happen overnight, they’re are always striving to ensure they are contributing to a more sustainable society.

For more and to see how you can assist, go to their website