An immersive drinks experience in Sydney like no other: Enlightenment at The Calyx

Enlighten Calyx light ball

What is enlightenment to you? What would we see, if the world was more enlightened? These are just some of the many questions posed at ‘Enlightenment at the Calyx’, located in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney during VIVID Sydney 2018.

The night kicks off with a short walk down to the Calyx with a quick stop on the way to observe an evocative performance of light and art. The performance provides a little hint of what to expect from the guest speakers later in the night.

Enlighten Calyx cake pops

Cocktails, wine and curated food greet you as you enter the Calyx and take in the cool, crisp evening with lights projecting across the night sky from the Sydney Harbour.

It seems a fitting venue to be starting meaningful conversations about what it means to be human. So with that, it’s also a good time to grab another vodka cocktail.

The short talks are fascinating and thought provoking. Speakers include Fiona Kerr, Neural and Systems Complexity Specialist who explores the wonders and possibility of our brain. She tells us they are now researching chakras. Do they actually exist? The crowd goes wild.

Entomologist and collaborative memory and intelligence specialist Tanya Latty takes us on a journey into the mysterious world of ants and other insects.

Collectivem mind expert Derek Leddie talks about the three brains – the one in our head, heart and gus. And philosopher and writer Tim Dean asks us to take an everyday item and think about what it really is?

An evening of light, conversation, story based cocktails, curated food & artisan performers leaves you pondering (and deeply discussing in the car ride home) the many questions about life and enlightenment. Discussions that generally don’t take place at the dinner table. It’s time to celebrate aliveness!

The next Enlightenment event at The Calyx in The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney takes place on Saturday 2 June.

Enlighten Calyx crowd