Air India unveils a bold new identity reflecting the spirit of a rising India

Air India 3 scaled

Air India, the esteemed airline under the Tata Group, has revealed a modernized brand identity and stunning new aircraft livery that embody the vibrancy and progress of a resurgent India. This momentous transformation marks a significant milestone in Air India’s journey as it evolves from a national institution to a national inspiration.

The revamped look takes inspiration from the iconic Indian window shape, which has been reimagined as a gold window frame, becoming the centerpiece of the new brand design system. This symbolizes a ‘Window of Possibilities’ – a gateway to new horizons.

At the heart of Air India’s fresh identity is its new logo: ‘The Vista.’ Inspired by the peak of the gold window frame, it represents boundless opportunities, forward-thinking perspectives, and the airline’s unwavering confidence in shaping a promising future.

The brand-new aircraft livery showcases a captivating color palette featuring deep red, aubergine, and golden accents, complemented by a chakra-inspired pattern. It also boasts a striking custom-made font called ‘Air India Sans,’ blending confidence with warmth to position Air India as a premium, inclusive, and accessible airline.

Campbell Wilson, Air India’s CEO & MD, expressed his excitement about the transformative rebranding, stating, “Our new brand reflects our ambition to become a world-class airline, serving travelers from across the globe, while proudly representing the new India on the global stage.”

He further added, “The new Air India is bold, confident, and vibrant, while also staying deeply rooted in our rich history and traditions, which have made Indian hospitality a benchmark for service excellence worldwide.”

In collaboration with FutureBrand, a renowned brand transformation company, Air India has masterfully blended its illustrious heritage with a forward-thinking drive for excellence and innovation. The result is a distinctive brand design that positions Air India as a premium global airline with an unwavering Indian identity.

Passengers will begin to witness the new logo throughout their journey starting from December 2023 when Air India’s first Airbus A350 joins the fleet adorned in the fresh livery.

Wilson emphasised, “Colors, patterns, shapes, and their meaning matter, but our actions speak louder. We are undergoing a comprehensive transformation to redefine the role of India’s flagship airline.”

Air India is making significant investments to enhance the overall guest experience, reinforcing its position as the preferred airline for travelers flying to, from, and within India. By combining exceptional service with a renewed commitment to excellence, Air India aims to soar to new heights and redefine the standards of air travel.