A fresh taste of Vietnam at St. Cloud Eating House

St Cloud KDPO 6th October GRIFFIN SIMM Finals 33 Vietnamese asian food chopsticks

This month, the renowned St. Cloud Eating House in Hawthorn East breathes new life into its culinary offering. The restaurant, located at 644 Burwood Road, is set to tantalise tastebuds with an explosion of Vietnamese flavours, thanks to celebrated chef Jerry Mai. Since its inception in 2015, St. Cloud Eating House, under the stewardship of hospitality veteran James Klapanis, has maintained its commitment to serving ferociously fresh Vietnamese cuisine to the denizens of Melbourne.

The exciting and vibrant menu revamp is spearheaded by none other than the remarkable Jerry Mai, known for her culinary masterpieces at Pho Nom, Annam, and Bia Hoi Beer Hall. Mai’s flair for Vietnamese cuisine is widely acclaimed, and she now brings her unique touch to the St. Cloud Eating House.

The restaurant’s new culinary journey is further bolstered by the recent collaboration between Klapanis and Angie Giannakodakis, stalwarts of the Melbourne hospitality scene. This partnership brings a renewed focus on generosity – striving to put the hospitality back in hospitality, as Giannakodakis puts it.

St. Cloud’s refreshed food ethos is all about sharing and savouring every bite. Jerry Mai has expertly curated a menu that balances familiar Vietnamese flavours with unexpected new elements. Diners can expect a tantalising array of small plates, from grilled scallops with wild onion butter and nuoc mam to sticky lamb ribs with tamarind caramel. A highlight includes an irresistible beef cheek green curry— a testament to Mai’s Thai culinary influences.

For those with a sweet tooth, the restaurant offers a duo of indulgent desserts — coffee crème caramel and fried bao with salted caramel ice cream. The drinks menu, too, has undergone a transformation, featuring an assortment of light, crisp Asian-style beers and playful takes on classic cocktails. The kaffir lime margarita and lemongrass pina colada, along with a rotating monthly frozen cocktail special, perfectly complement the robust flavours of Jerry’s cooking.

In this new chapter for St. Cloud Eating House, the team aims to establish the restaurant as an authority on Vietnamese food and Southeast Asian cuisine in Melbourne. While bookings are encouraged, walk-ins are always welcome, promising a culinary experience that’s both invigorating and memorable.