7 tips to grow a thick beard

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Growing a full, thick, healthy beard isn’t just about letting it grow out of control. This misconception is the precise reason why, for many men, beards become so itchy and out of control that they end up shaving it off before it drives them insane. 

In principle, establishing and maintaining a full beard is the culmination of a variety of factors, everything from proper nutrition, skincare, to how often you clean your beard and the products you use. All of it matters, and all of it plays a crucial role in giving you that full beard. 

Key considerations

It is important to note that some beards tend to look thicker than others based on certain factors. Dark beards for instance or even the thickness of the hair follicles create the illusion of thickness. Also if you compare the effects of Wahl detailer vs Andis t-outliner, you may notice that the overall effect of higher density is also responsible for some beards looking fuller than others.

That said, the crucial question here is, how can you grow a thicker beard? And what is the best way to ensure you maintain it on a level of optimal health? Here are 7 key tips to help you achieve this end.

Beard oil

The first step when you start to grow your beard is to ensure you wash it regularly and apply beard oil. The main purpose for this is to prevent it from being a breeding ground for little critters, and also to make it soft and healthy. 

Regularly washing alone may be important, but if you are serious about going thick and healthy, then you should consider having a constant supply of beard oil for men on you.


If you are hell-bent on growing a full beard and fast, then you need to consider a diet of anything from whole grain, lean protein, nuts, chicken peas, avocados and any of the healthy variety foods. Proper nutrition is the first important step towards growing a thicker beard. 

Establish a look

Most people get confused about whether they want a full-on thick beard or they want a groomed finish. If you have made it to the one month point and your beard is beginning to take shape, it is important to establish whether you will allow it to grow naturally or you will groom it to create a polished finish. This is a crucial decision, one that you need to make very early on. 

Skin care

The next step is to pay special attention to the health of your skin. Wash your face regularly and purchase a quality moisturiser to maintain your skin’s health. The main idea behind skincare is to stimulate circulation which leads to a thicker beard. 

Image result for pictures of full beard styles

Rest and hydrate

70% of your epidermis contains water as a key nutrient. This means that you need to ensure you are properly hydrated constantly to ensure you have healthy skin and you get a full beard. Getting enough rest, on the other hand, increases testosterone levels in your body, which is a key component to growing a full beard. At least 8 hours a day should be sufficient. 

Use Beard Oil Regularly

Regularly washing alone may be important, but if you are serious about going for thick and healthy, then you should consider having a constant supply of beard oil on you. This ensures your skin is moisturized and your beard is kept healthy and ridden of dandruff and that uncomfortable itchy feeling that comes with a thick beard. It also prevents damage as the beard gets bigger, so you don’t have to worry about it getting patchy. 


If after all these care tips your beard still doesn’t quite work for you, then you can always consider vitamin B, D and E supplements, or supplements rich in magnesium, or iron. All these are known to increase your ability to grow your beard thicker. 

Bottom Line

Getting a thicker beard needs a lot of commitment and special care, so you need to ensure you follow these key steps for the best results.