7-life changing improvements attached to your wrist: The benefits of Fitbit Premium

Fitbit bike

It was the start of lockdown. No one knew what it meant for their daily lives other than this one thing: Their gym days were over.

Enter Fitbit Premium, the global health pioneer’s at-home fitness initiative that, in Australia, managed to secure over 500,000 subscribers within its first year. Long live exercise.

It’s all about giving you guidance on moving more, managing stress, sleeping better and eating well – and then some.

It provides even greater value to what it means to be “on Fitbit” by delivering more in-depth data, personalised and actionable insights, hundreds of workouts, motivating games and challenges, advanced sleep tools and wellness reports — all in the Fitbit app.

Here are seven other reasons behind its very obvious up-tick…

  • Engaging health and fitness content: Hundreds of audio and video workouts to try including dance cardio, HIIT, yoga and more from popular brands like Aaptivbarre3Daily BurnDown Dogobé and Physique 57
  • Mindfulness: Over 100 mindfulness practice sessions help you manage stress, improve focus, relax, improve body positivity or unwind before bed, including sessions from AuraBreethe and Ten Percent Happier.
  • Deeper sleep analysis: Deeper analysis of your free daily Sleep Score, with a breakdown of your score and graphs to show how it’s calculated based on time asleep, deep and REM sleep stages and restoration, plus audio relaxation tools.
  • Personalised and cross-correlated insights: Guidance and feedback based specifically on your data to help you make smarter choices about your health; for example, “Yesterday you earned 35 active minutes—more than your usual 20 minutes. You also slept 25 minutes more than your average 6 hours and 45 minutes. Move more, snooze more!”
  • Guided programs: A variety of custom programs to help you achieve your health and fitness goals — from nutrition programs like “Eat to Beat Cholesterol,” to increasing activity with “Get Active” and “Run Training,” to improving sleep with “Get More Sleep.”
  • Premium games and challenges: Connect with friends and family on exclusive challenges, like Get Fit Bingo or even create a custom challenge, for more motivation.
  • Wellness report: An easy-to-read overview of your health data, including stats and charts about heart health, weight, sleep and activity that can be used to facilitate conversations with your healthcare providers.

For more, go to the Fitbit website, or to subscribe yourself, go to your Fitbit app on iOS or Android!