7 healthy hair habits to adopt right now

Woman hair

Some people take their hair for granted. They pay them no mind until they start noticing split ends, hair thinning, or, even worse, hair falling out. By then, the damage has been done, and the best thing you can do is to cut your precious locks and hope to grow them back again.

If you want to maintain strong, healthy hair for life, you need to start implementing some changes. After all, there are many external and internal factors that can directly affect the condition of your hair. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the best habits, from dietary recommendations to styling tips, that you should adopt right now if you want to have amazing hair. Read on.

1. Get Rid of Bad Hair Products

Many people believe that they can’t have healthy hair without resorting to hair products. While it’s true that you can’t (and shouldn’t) eliminate them all, you should still be aware of the products you want to use and their ingredients. Pay attention to those with silicones, mineral oils, and parabens. If you can, try to buy products that have natural ingredients, such as coconut or argan oil.

2. Get a Trim Every 6 Weeks

Like any other part of your body, hair requires some maintenance. You need to trim it regularly so that it doesn’t tangle or get too long. A trim will also help prevent split ends from forming – which can help keep your hair healthy for longer periods of time. 

If you don’t want to trim every 6 weeks, at least get a haircut when needed or when you notice split ends. You can also trim your hair yourself, but in such a case, remember to use the right tools – for example, choose hair clippers or trimmers from https://www.scissortechaustralia.com.au/ for an easier, professional and quicker cut. 

3. Eat More Water-Rich Foods

Your body needs water for all kinds of things, including digestion, warming up, and flushing out toxins. It’s no wonder why hair loss is one of the side effects of not drinking enough water. When your body lacks water, it won’t be able to produce enough oil for your hair, and it will start producing new cells more slowly as well. The result is dry, dull hair.

4. Don’t Use Too Much Heat on Your Hair

One of the best ways to maintain healthy hair is by avoiding heat (including blow drying). Heat can cause damage to the cuticle – the outermost layer of your hair – and force it to curl and frizz. It can also dry out your hair and make it brittle. If you want to avoid heat damage, try to protect it with natural products, such as coconut oil or argan oil – simply put them on damp hair before drying it. Or, even better, let your hair air dry – this way, it will remain strong and shiny.

5. Take a Multivitamin and Vitamin B Complex

It’s important to make sure that your body is getting all the minerals it needs, even if you eat well. Multivitamins are great because they contain many of the nutrients you might be lacking in your diet. Vitamin B complexes are also great because they provide your body with B vitamins – which are essential for hair health. If you haven’t used these supplements yet, now may be the time to start – however, consult your doctor beforehand. 

6. Stay Away From Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals like alcohol can strip your scalp of its natural oils and make it dry out quickly. If you want to have healthy hair in the future, avoid them as much as possible. Instead, stick with mild shampoos and avoid hot showers – they strip your scalp of its natural oils, weakening the hair shafts over time. 

7. Increase Your Intake of Protein and Fat

Protein is an essential nutrient when it comes to maintaining beautiful hair. In fact, it’s so important that most hair products are packed with protein in order to give you healthy, shiny locks. But you don’t have to buy those products if you want to have great hair. Instead, increase your intake of protein from sources like eggs, fish, chicken, and dairy.

You’ll also need some fat for healthy hair growth, so you might want to add some nuts, avocado, or olive oil to your diet. And remember to eat healthily – a balanced diet is a key to staying happy and healthy. 


The tips in this article can help you keep your hair healthy for much longer. They’re not difficult to implement, and they don’t cost much either. All you need to do is choose the right hair products, avoid harsh chemicals, eat more water-rich foods and proteins, try not to overheat your hair and scalp, and get a trim once in some time. 

By adopting these simple yet effective habits, you’ll be able to make your hair shinier and healthier – and who doesn’t want that?