5 tips to prepare better outfit combinations for everyday wear

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Coming up with new outfits and clothes to wear every day is a struggle for most of us. The entire day depends on how we dress, which brings out our confidence and makes us feel good about wearing that particular outfit. For this, many ladies take to the stores once a week and get another new piece of clothing that doesn’t fit in the closet or can be worn on any occasion. This can be a big let-down and a waste of money. Combining outfit pieces well that go with each other to look like the match was made in heaven can seem challenging. However, it isn’t that hard and can help you save your money and time. Here are some of our expert tips for creating the best outfit combinations you could have ever imagined with a bit of creativity and hard work:

Organise your outfits

If you want to wake up every day and not have to select what to wear and dread over not having the right outfit combinations, you need to start organising. Not the spring closet cleaning that everyone does to make their wardrobes penetrable but in a way that all your outfit combination is assembled and prepared to put on. 

This way, you can know what items you don’t have in your closet to match with some clothing, for example, a pair of black jeans to go with some shirts that require it. Keep all your matched outfits together in the closet or set in the same hangers for easy accessibility. Place one-piece outfits like Satin Dresses in a separate corner to pick up and wear without having to go on another shopping haul every time you need to attend a party and need clothes. 

Put away old clothes 

When you’re organising your closet to bring forth great combinations of clothing, you can find that there are items that serve no purpose in any of them. Maybe you bought a fancy knee skirt that appears to not go with any of your shirts. Whatever it is that was purchased in an impulse or feel-good store trip, make sure to get rid of it if it serves no purpose in your closet and dent combine. Remove all such items to really clean your closet out and fill it with no valuable items. 

Have all the essentials

For productive outfit combinations, you must be equipped with all the essentials that are needed in almost every outwear. Every piece of clothing in your wardrobe should have at least some essential item to match with to create a complete look. For this, take a good look at your closet and identify the things that exist and you need. Look at the tops and see if there are basic simple coloured t-shirts and tank tops to go with any bottom. It would help if you had a nice variety of sweaters and cardigans to spruce up a simple shirt or dress. 

Your wardrobe can also include fancy blouses with colours that go with your bottoms and accessories perfectly. Then come to the bases that include but aren’t limited to jeans, leggings, and skirts. Your leggings should be the essential black and nudes if required. Have blue, black, and different coloured jeans that have a piece of a shirt to go with, even jeggings. Keep skirts that suit your body shape to enhance it. Invest in easy clothes, including Bodysuit and jumpers to wear on the go. 

Add colours to your accessories

Accessories are essential to dress an outfit better and make it really shine. An outfit is never complete without a few light accessories to match it up. For this, you need to have all the colours that you may require in your accessories. These accessories can include bracelets, necklaces, hair accrues, scarves, hats, bags, hosiery, and so on. Ensure only to buy and keep jewellery items that are feasible for everyday wear, and you will use them in several ways. It would help if you always had a neutral bag that can be used in different ways with every outfit and still look good.  

Master colour combinations

The colour of our dresses plays a big part in combining different dress options and creating outfits to wear. Although some people find a colour combination to be really hard, it comes from within. If you read enough fashion magazines or have a fashion role model aside from your mom, you can learn a thing or two about the colour combination. 

If the piece of clothing feels right, whatever their colour is won’t matter. Other than that, combine colours based on the season and pick tones that best suit the ongoing weather. There is no limit to the colours you choose to bring about a unique and classy look. You can select bright colours for both the top and bottom or darker ones. Contrasting colours takes some challenge, but you must know to make sense of the dresses.