5 things to do indoors this rainy week in Sydney

The rains are back and it’s making winter even more bitter in Sydney and surrounds. To brighten the mood, here are five things to do indoors so you can stay dry (and sane).

  1. Indulge in a home pamper session

Rug up in your comfy cosies and treat yo’ self! You could hire a home masseuse to come limber your joints, or if you’re looking for faster and cheaper results, transform your hair with a hair mask. We’re loving the new Coco & Eve Sweet Repair Hair Mask that’s clinically proven to transform your hair in just 5 minutes thanks to a bonding treatment blend of Biomimetic Ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid & Vegan Keratin ingredients. 

Sweet Repair Hair Mask Product Texture 1 Pink 1

  1. Take in a movie

We have three words for you: Top Gun: Maverick. Shirtless men, action packed plot and a touch of nostalgia, get yourself to the cinema while it’s showing! There’s no better rainy day activity. Of course if you prefer the vibes in your own home, SBS on Demand has great offerings in foreign film all on their app. Whether you’re into thrillers, romantic comedies or award winning documentaries, they’ve got something unique to while away the long days. 


  1. Discover new baked treats

Winter is for pastries. It’s that simple, and you won’t be saying no once you hear our friends at TRUFF have teamed up with beloved Sydney bakery Banksia Bakehouse to create a glorious, chilli, truffle infused monstrously good Chicago Style Deep-Dish Pie to get us through the cold. Available for the entire month of July, Banksia’s flaky pastry contains slow-cooked brisket, chorizo, mozzarella, cheddar and is topped with a lashing of TRUFF original hot sauce. 

Deep Dish

  1. Create a bespoke home scent

Scent is one of the strongest ways to recall a memory, and you can create a memorable home by curating a space that has a bespoke scent. Scent Australia Home has some of the most extravagant and unique scents that can define your space, all you have to do is find the right one for you. Their Rose Room Spray is sensual and romantic, perfect for the bedroom. While your living area may benefit from the Beach Party scent, a unique and fun blend of kiwi, lychee, green melon, with deeper notes of musk, amber and sandalwood. 

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  1. Master meal prep

This one may not seem as sexy as the rest, but cooking not only warms up your house, it’s also a life skill. Meal prep queen Katie Lolas has teamed up with Westinghouse (and she HIGHLY recommends their air fryer oven function, so don’t say meal prep isn’t tasty!), to reveal her top 5 meal prep tips which are: start slow and do one meal at a time, the 3 P’s: plan, prep and portion, stick to schedule so you know when you’re meal prepping and how long you have, stay organised by starting with the longest item needing cooking, and lastly, cook in bulk and store correctly (either in the freezer or in air-tight containers).

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