4 travel destinations with the best cuisine

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When imagining travel and exploration, most people tend think about the cultures, languages, and the enticing landscapes of the far away lands; but nothing is better than thinking with your stomach and indulging yourself in the local cuisines of the respective country you’re visiting.

With international flights being cheaper than ever, there has never been a better time to pig out and indulge; so without further ado, here are a few foodie favourite countries with some of the best foods on the planet.


This Mesoamerican country, rich in historic culture and mouth watering dishes, it’s safe to say it doesn’t lack in a variety of flavours and unique dishes.

With dishes ranging from fish tacos, enchiladas and corn tortilla quesadillas, you will find some dishes from various counties with blends of unique spices and foods foraged from the land; it’s safe to say there is a dish for travellers with a range of preferences for their pallet.


Visiting this Mediterranean paradise feels like you’re stepping back in time to Ancient Greece with its island temples and ancient cities, the food is just as fascinating and rewarding as stepping foot on the acropolis.

With is crystal blue waters and verdant farmlands, dishes made with a variety of fish, roasted meats, lentils, and olive oils; taking a bite of this countries treasured dishes is like sending your tastebuds back in time, brimming with flavour and nutrition.


The next country on this list is much more than massive colourful festivals, Vedic and Buddhist temples, and magnificent architectures, and the food is just as diverse as its culture.

As one of the most populous nations in the world, a majority of the population view the cow as a deity so the foods are primarily vegetarian, but what it lacks in mouth watering dishes with meat, the combination of lentils, spices unique to the lands, and creative combinations in dishes like Dosa and chai tea are so delicious that even the pickiest eaters will find something delicious in this mysterious and majestic land.


The land of the rising sun applies the same mastery and artistic creativity to their cuisine as they do to their adeptness in sword making, electronics, and overall engineering capabilities.

Somehow, these food masters are world renowned for their dishes such as sushi, which is raw fish combined with rice wrapped in seaweed, to their utterly satisfying, elegant and simplistic miso soup that is both filling and delicious.

When visiting Japan, you don’t have to travel very far for unique flavours, you can find delicious staples at many of the countries food stands, alleyway marketplaces, and even on the shelves of the nearest convenience store, without sacrificing flavour and freshness.

The countries with the best cuisine 

With so much deliciousness and so many places to go, it may seem impossible to choose where to go first, but keep in mind, this is only scratching the surface. With so many countries on this pale blue dot, you’re bound to find amazing food wherever your journeys take you.