3 watermelon cocktails to keep summer alive


Summer in a weird lockdown-limbo can be hard.

What’s the best way to get through it? Have a guess…

Thankfully, Ciroc vodka’s intro’d a new mix for the season, making the most of the ripest watermelons the country’s got on offer. Here are the recipes.

Cîroc Watermelon Le Twist

40ml Cîroc Summer Watermelon 

20ml Lemonade

40ml Soda

10ml Splash of Cranberry

Garnish with a lime wheel, fresh watermelon wheel & sprig of fresh mint.

(1.2 standard drinks)

Cîroc Summer Watermelon Sparkle

25ml Cîroc Summer Watermelon 

10ml Cranberry Juice

Topped with champagne

(+ 5ml elderflower if desired)

Garnish with a watermelon skin twist.

(1.2 standard drinks)

CÎROC Watermelon Frosé (Serves 4)

200ml Cîroc Summer Watermelon 

3 cups ice cubes

½ bottle pink moscato

1 1/2 tablespoons lime juice

625g watermelon flesh, seeds removed

Mint garnish

Prep: 10min Extra time: 4hr freezing

Purée Watermelon Flesh & freeze into cubes.

Blend frozen watermelon cubes, lime juice, vodka & pink moscato.

Serve in empty watermelon & garnish with mint.

(2.5 standard drinks based on 12.5% wine)