3 things you should outsource immediately if you’re trying to grow your business

Work advice

Business owners love the idea of being able to control their workforce, and many will decide to go in-house for everything, even things that are not necessary. However, they might not be aware of the benefits of outsourcing, or they may have their apprehensions. The truth is that there isn’t a single major company that doesn’t outsource at some level. As a matter of fact, your refusal to hire outside help could be your number one obstacle to scaling. Here are some of the functions you should outsource immediately if you’re trying to grow your business.


One of the first things you should outsource is cleaning. Having someone in-house is too much trouble, especially if you’re thinking of adding or acquiring new space. You don’t want to have to manage additional employees that don’t add to your bottom line. You also don’t want to have to deal with all the liabilities that come with it.

We would suggest you look at office cleaners like Nexus Kleen instead. They will handle everything for you, and you won’t have to worry about things like turnover, formation, and payroll. Also, they will take full responsibility if there’s an incident. You won’t have to think about employees not coming in and you’ll get predictable services at a predictable price.

Of course, all of this goes for co-working spaces, too!

Customer Support

It can take years for a company to refine their message and get a steady flow of clients, but it can take only a few minutes to lose clients because of bad customer service. If you’re afraid that you may not have the resources in house, then this is something you could also outsource. Choose a service that is familiar with your line of business, and make sure that you look at peer recommendations first.


There is no need to have someone in-house if you have IT needs. You could work with an outsourced service instead. It’s already difficult to find one good IT manager, but doing so as your business expands can be a nightmare. You also have to work on retaining them, and you’ll be leaving yourself vulnerable if they leave.

A good outsourced IT service has all the resources to deal with your company’s needs no matter the size. You can choose to have someone dedicated to your account which you’ll be able to get in touch with as you would any employee. 

They will allow you to save money and time on keeping your licenses up to date. They can also help reduce breaches, or help with forensics in case one happens. Another very important thing is that they will assume part or complete liability if anything happens, which will give peace of mind to many business owners.

These are only a few examples of functions in your business that you might want to outsource before scaling. They will allow you to focus on your core team and grow without adding to your structure.