Can compensation be claimed for burn injuries?


What causes burn injuries?

Burn injuries do not occur solely because of heat. Burn injuries can also occur as a result of some chemicals or electricity. Corrosive chemicals, especially strong acids or bases can cause serious injury to the skin. A chemical burn may cause permanent and long-term damage to your skin, eyes, and lungs (This may occur if you were exposed to strong chemicals or toxic fumes).

Receiving financial or physical help to overcome the problems caused by the injuries can enable the injured person to focus solely on recovery.

How are burn injuries classified?

Burn injuries are classified in four different levels according to their severity.

  • First-degree burns only damage the outer layer of the skin. They are not considered major injuries unless they cover more than 10% of the whole body. The damaged area is painful, red, and dry. This level of injury does not require any specialised burns unit.
  • Second-degree burns damage both the outer layer of the skin and a lower part of it. Usually, the damaged area becomes blistered and swollen.
  • In third-degree burns, the outer and lower layers of the skin are completely damaged. The appearance of the burn may appear completely blackened and charred.
  • Damage up to loss of sensation is seen in fourth-degree burns. Deep tissues, tendons and even bones are damaged by burns.

Can compensation be claimed after burn injuries?

Yes, compensation can be claimed if the injury occurred on the job.

Compensation such as medical expenses, weekly payments, lump sum payment may be requested. You can contact workers’ compensation lawyers in Sydney, as the response to such compensation may differ depending on the situation.

How is compensation claimed?

If a burn injury occurs in the workplace, the process proceeds as follows.

  1. “Seek first aid and report the accident to your employer.
  2. Have a medical consultation with your GP and request your doctor complete the Certificate of Capacity which requires your doctor’s opinion on the injury and whether your injury is work-related or not.
  3. Complete the workers’ injury claim form and send it to your employer prior to the 6-month time limit.”

So, who pays the compensation?

Work accident compensation is paid by the employer’s insurance company.

It’s a good idea to work with compensation attorneys to assess your situation and find out what compensation you are eligible for. Also, no win no fee lawyers in Sydney will not receive their own payment unless you receive the requested compensation.