Wine Insider: 6 Beautiful Benefits of Joining a Wine Club


Whether you belong to the best wine clubs Australia has to offer or attend regular wine appreciation events in your area, there’s no denying the benefits of joining a wine club. These subscription services deliver expertly selected wines to your front door on a regular basis, and many include exclusive invites to special events—what’s not to love? 

Not only are they convenient and cost-effective, but they also offer a range of added benefits that can enhance your overall wine experience. Below are our top six advantages of joining a local wine club: 

Saved time and added convenience 

Going to the bottle shop, browsing the shelves, and carrying heavy bottles back home takes time. Joining a wine club minimizes the amount of time you have to spend battling traffic or waiting in line. Instead, the world’s best wines come directly to you. 

You can even customise those deliveries, choosing the monthly, quarterly, or yearly shipment that’s right for you while selecting the number of bottles you want to receive each time.

Exclusive offers and invites 

When compared to the retail prices you’d find at a bottle shop, the best wine clubs offer members exceptionally good deals. Not only that, but they can also provide discounts on accessories, books, magazines, and other wine-related products. 

Often those deals apply to events as well, with exclusive offers to attend tastings, dinners, and tours at wineries in your region. These are a great way to enjoy memorable experiences with other wine lovers while meeting the winemakers behind your favourite drops. Furthermore, you’ll often gain free, discounted, or early access to the most exclusive wines at the events.

Expanded taste horizons

Whether it’s a varietal you never would have chosen yourself, or an exclusive release not yet available in stores, joining a wine club helps you discover (and enjoy) new wines. Club experts can select wines that expand your horizons, allowing you to appreciate differences in regions, styles, and varieties. 

If you’re a stickler for your favourites, you can always choose your own wines. Either way, you gain exclusive access to a world of wines stored in optimal conditions. This includes priority access to rare and limited bottles unavailable to the general public. 

Expert advice and suggestions

Wine lovers looking to deepen their knowledge will appreciate the expert guidance and information on the wines they receive from a club. Learning about the grapes, regions, and winemaking techniques used to craft a specific bottle can greatly enhance the drinking experience. 

Detailed tasting notes and ratings help you make informed decisions on how to store, serve, and pair your wines with food. Plus, you’ll zero in on the wines you prefer and why.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Although policies vary from club to club, most allow you to return any wines that are not to your liking. This gives peace of mind and a sense of confidence that you’re getting the best quality and value for your money. Plus, you avoid the disappointment of buying wines you don’t enjoy.

Access to a wine community

A big part of the fun of joining a wine club is becoming part of a vibrant community of kindred spirits who share your enthusiasm for wine. Your wine journey enriches as you exchange stories with other wine lovers, getting recommendations and feedback on what to try next.

Alongside events, tastings, and meetups, you can mingle with other members online by joining relevant forums, groups, and social media platforms.

All in all, wine clubs help you expand your tasting horizons through exclusive offers that save you time and money while adding luxury to your life. 

Photo: Kelsey Knight / Unsplash