Win the ultimate gadget to fix your shitty posture: The Upright Go

Upright Go

Because staying alert and healthy when getting around in life is always important, looking after your spine is generally the best way to do it.

Sure, yoga is one thing you can do to keep on top of it; stretching is another. But there’s now the Upright Go piece of tech, reminding you to keep upright all the time – not just when you remember to.

Ask any chiro and they’ll tell you, improved posture reduces strain on your back muscles, spinal discs and can increase your confidence, so wearing something like the Upright GO – the latest in smart, posture-wearing technology.

Upright Go is a small, unobtrusive wearable that sits between your shoulder blades and subtly vibrates every time you slouch and relays the info in real time to your phone. It’s available in Apple stores across Australia and on the Upright website for $119.95.

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Win an Upright Go for your posture

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