Why you shouldn’t miss that trip to Alaska


Alaska is one state with myriad different things and activities you can engage in during your visit. Since there are many kinds of scenery not forgetting the vast wild terrain, it is possible to have a hard time making your decision.

Here is a list of some of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss that next trip to Alaska:

1. Visit Denali National Park

The park is home to the highest mountain in the USA, Denali Mountain. You could even choose to discover Alaska on a Celebrity Cruise that will enable you to see the beautiful mountain ranges using a ship or zip line tours. Alternatively, you could fly above the mountain as you take lovely photos.

2. Drive along Alaska’s highways

Surrounded by trees, Alaska is one place you can drive for hours while having a breath of fresh air. If you drive in Alaska, you will discover that you can drive many miles without exhausting the vastness of the place. When driving, ensure to have a map with you because you can easily get lost in the middle of nowhere.

3. Watch a giant glacier create its tidal wave

At Glacier Bay National Park, you will get to see the icebergs break and fall into the ocean below. The sight is magical and one you will have a memory of for a long time. Imagine the site as the glacier falls with a lot of force into the ocean. The Glacier Bay National Park is a place that should convince you not to miss the next trip to Alaska.

4. Take a hike in the Tundra

As you travel towards the Northern or Western Coast, you will notice a difference in the terrains. As you approach the Alaskan Tundra, the trees cease to exist. You will also notice the extreme cold temperatures. You could even get off your car and take a walk, and you will witness the magical transformation of the environment. The best time to visit the Tundra is during the mid-winter season.

5. Meet the bears

One thing you should not miss when you visit Alaska is watching the bears at Katmai National Park. The park also has many waterfalls that make the scenes more fascinating. However, for this park, you have to fly above because they do not allow cars or walking. All the same, the legendary bears are animals you shouldn’t miss seeing while in Alaska.

6. Interact with the Alaskans

Most native Alaskans have managed to preserve their culture till today. They still live in villages and uphold community cohesiveness. In America, Alaskan natives or the people who have lived there for long trust strangers easily and are friendly. Getting to mingle with them is likely to give you a different side of life.

There are just so many reasons why you shouldn’t miss that next trip to Alaska that we cannot exhaust. For instance, while there you can watch the mountain ranges, witness as glaciers melt into the oceans, meet the bears, visit the tundra and most importantly get to interact with the Alaskans because they are the friendliest people you will come across in America.